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From Abby: [D-Blog Week] One Great Thing.

From Abby - she tackles the second D-Blog Week prompt without a single scrap of sarcasm.  Nope.  None.
*   *   *

It's hard to pinpoint one thing I do well with diabetes. Let's face it - I do everything well. Diabetes is so easy for me. I'm constantly 104 mg/dL.  My blood sugar never strays from 80-120 ... ever.

This is not a picture of the rocky mountains.

I wouldn't even dream of eating sugar. Especially cake, when I pass my nursing boards, at diabetes camp, while working 24 hours a day. Nope. Not me.

Cake, or death?

I wear my Dexcom for 7 days only and never calibrate unless it asks me to and my BG is steady, so my meter and CGM are dead on all the time. Always. I actually throw it out the window when it's more than 1 mg/dL off.


Pasta? Bread? I don't even know where that section in the grocery store is. I only eat chicken and green beans always. Because that cures diabetes, ya know. No carbs.

You don't eat Italian food with chop sticks while sitting on the floor at camp?

Long story short, I live my life, I survive, I have fun, and I do the best I can with my diabetes. Most days are unremarkable, I check my blood sugar 6-8 times daily, I change my pump site every 3-4 days, I bolus for pretty much everything I eat. I just live, and diabetes tags along.

*   *   *

Yup, you definitely have sarcasm nailed.  In addition to making us grin.


Way to go Abby. Though I think you photoshopped that Dexcom graph from a picture of mine. ;-)

And how long exactly does it take to eat spaghetti noodles with chopsticks?

Awesome post, I love that D just "tags along"! The last paragraph says it all!!!

I love this post. And I wish I could use it for some of the comments people throw my way. :-)

Sarcasm is life's blood, isn't it? ;) I want to know how you got the mad use-chopsticks-to-eat-pasta skills. I can't even use chopsticks on chicken if I stab the food!

Hilarious! Love this! One question though, why are you wearing a name tag in the last picture that says "Meaghan"? :)

Are you eating pasta with chopsticks? Scandalous...

and tags, and tags, and tags, and tags,.........
Can't we tell it to just GO AWAY ???????
great post
PASTA rules , yum!!!

Because if we can't be a perfect D then why even bother?!

My latest real life diabetes management question was: "Wonder how many carbs you get when you lick the ice cream maker paddle?"

HAHA Lindsay you win. I was wondering when someone would catch that. Simple answer: I was at diabetes camp. We do ridiculous things. I actually had four name tags on that day, none of which said Abby :)

love it! :)

Perfection is overrated. And boring.(yay for the rollarcoaster ride of a well-lived Dlife)
Love the sarcasm.

Loved it Abby. Thanks for the chuckle.

Loved this!! Thanks for sharing - you always make me smile.


LOVE IT!! Keep smiling. (Even when your mouth is full). That's what it's all about.

Thanks for the permission to live outside the lines. (Pun intended.) Love the picture of the Dexcom and the meter - I had a similar experience just last night and almost bolused based on the Dexcom. No,no,no,no, no!

This is a very comforting post. Love the sarcasm! I feel the same, as my type 1 boy and I struggle along.

Great posts!

Loved this. It was so funny! But you're right. You do what you have to do. You bolus, carb count, and hope for the best.

Love the humor, Abby! And now that cake has made me hungry...

Love. This. So. Much.
You ROCK, Abby!! :)

love this. love, love, love! :)

The story of my life... :)

love the post but where did you get the skin to cover your dexcom??


Abby, I live with spina bifida, clubfeet, and my D. I am a survivor and do the best I can do on any day. And try to take the best care of my D. Owning chronic illness and birth defects likely made coping with my D easier in terms of taking ownership of it.

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