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Dream World.

In a perfect (diabetes) world, every menu would come with a nutritional breakdown, all handy and listed right there for carb-count, insulin ratio mathification. 

I'd like to teach the world to carb count, in perfect harmony ...

That is all.


First of all, does this menu actually exist? And if so, where? I'd like to visit. My other favorite is when you ask for nutritional information so you can bolus and they don't have any carb information, just calories...

My personal favourite are the nutritional labels that have been stuck on to imported foods. They aren't labelled per portion (e.g. 2 cookies), but per 100 grams. So I'm supposed to look at the total weight of the box (e.g. 350 g), count the total number of cookies in the box, and do the math? Not user-friendly, to say the least.

It is just me - or does anyone else find it odd that the "grilled chicken" has almost as many carbs as the tortellini? Strange...

In order to protect my newly recovered kidneys, I have to keep salt at an absolute minimum. The few restaurants that do have the info on the menu usually never give the sodium contents. Sometimes you can get it online, but still.
I have tried to limit my restaurant eating to 1 meal per week, and doing so cuts me out of a lot of social gatherings.

Ah, that would be fabulous! :)


It slightly amuses my husband that I have a collection of nutritional menus in my purse for our usual restaurants.

Yes, because then people won't judge me when I hop on my iPhone to look up the meal :)

This menu looks very familiar, and I do believe it actually DOES exist!!! Also, I've been pretty impressed with my own local JDRF and the one up in Detroit lately - both have had at recent events carb breakdowns for their foods, something that I've never historically seen. This is a great step forward! Hoping to see more of these dream menus become a reality...

I agree with Sara. There are several apps out there that are great references for carb counting and virtually eliminate the guessing game that we all know so well :).

There was a menu like this in Sinai Children's Hospital, where I was diagnosed. After four days of hospital food, though, I was ready for the challenge of the real world!

I'm going out to eat with some friends tonight and I'm sure my friend with 5 million food allergies and my gluten intolerant friend would also appreciate better labeled menus! Googling beforehand or using a food app helps me with carb counting, but it would be soo soo nice to have it right there on the menu. I take long enough to order as it is.

Yes Amanda, you are so right. I'd love to see labeling that would tell me if an item contained gluten. The cafeteria where I work has begun doing this and I made sure that I wrote the manager a thank you note. I would love it if the large chain restaurants would do it too. It would save the server having to know what is in every food item.

@K.--actually, all you have to do is turn the carb grams into a decimal (i.e. 36 carbs per 100 grams of item = .36)and then weigh how much of the item you would like to eat on a gram scale, multiply by the decimal, et voila! That's how many carbs it is!

This would be perfect.


So true. When a cookbook has all the nutrition info I am one happy woman. Restaurant menus? That would be a total game changer :)

I wonder if the grilled chicken should read 3.5grams of carb??? :)

Pretty soon restaurants w/ more than 20 locations will have to post calorie contents on their menu (this excludes movie theatres), but carbs and sodium counts will be available upon requests. IHOP already provides this info directly on the menu below each item.


I've seen how restaurants do "portion control" with the starchy stuff. You think a 20% tolerance on your meter is bad? Just wait til you see the size of a small-fry on Tuesday compared to the same thing on Thursday! I read restaurant nutrition facts (when I can), but I don't believe them.

@Reyna--I bet that grilled chicken includes a bun or a side dish like rice or pasta. 905 calories for chicken? And almost 50 grams of fat?!?

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