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From Abby:[D-Blog Week] Find-A-Friend.

From Abby - her take on the first day of Diabetes Blog Week (my entry is coming up later this afternoon :) ):  Wow, that's of a lot of punctuation there.  Incorporating a smiley face within a parenthesis is complicated.

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I'm kind of cheating today. (Ok, so I'll probably cheat on a lot of these topics; I'm a nurse not a writer :).) I don't read any blogs that the rest of you don't read. I have a blog reader thing on my phone and I catch up every week or so. There is my confession.

That being said, I have some other diabetes resources that are disguised as plain old internet fun and I'd like to share them with you.

First is Pinterest. If you haven't joined the Pinterest world yet, you are seriously missing out. You can create these crazy "pin-boards" and categorize them as you wish. For example I have one called "OMGShoes" and its just pictures of shoes I like. It's literally that simple. I also have a board titled "Diabeetus" and here I put recipes I want to try or pictures of food that looks just plain delicious. Admittedly I've only tried two of these recipes (big life changes this past year, but now I have my own beautiful kitchen and a real job so I'll be trying more) but the ones I found were healthy, delicious, and easy on the blood sugar. I'm a terrible cook. I can make anything taste like cardboard. The more I try to make things taste good, the less they taste like anything - it's almost comical. But finding recipes online that people have tried, or made up on their own, and made with healthy ingredients? I'll try that any day.

The second resource that is completely disguised as fun but actually has diabetes benefits is Instagram (it's a smartphone app). It has recently been released for Droid (finally!) and I'm hooked. I have a lot of followers, and follow a lot of people with diabetes. We post ridiculous pictures of things like cats and flowers, but there is also a lot of support surrounding pictures of CGM graphs (both awesome and mountainous) and blood sugars on meters - even the occasional picture of a vampire cannula will get quite a few likes. There is no point to this means of social networking, except it's nice to know that people out there see my struggles and successes disguised as artsy photos.

So, this is not a "meet my blog friend" post, because I am not good at that. You all already know all the blogs I read, or you will by following the D-Blog Week participants. But it's always fun to hear of social media sources being used in a diabetes-friendly way.

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To catch more from the folks who are participating in D-Blog Week, check out the topic and link lists here!


The best of both worlds: http://www.pinstagram.co/

What's your user name on Instagram?

If Abby ever decides to blog, I'd be reading. Things I've learned from Abby:
One can have ketones without having high blood sugar.
One has to eat carbohydrates, not just inject insulin, to get rid of ketones.
One can use a Diastix to determine if Diet beverages are really sugar free.

i just started following Abby on Instagram this weekend. I didn't recognize her user name at first, but then I saw all the Dexcom pictures and I knew exactly who it was :)

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