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From Abby: Summa, Summa, Summatime.

Memorial Day is behind us, so that means summertime has officially begun.  Bring on the white pants, white shoes, Will Smith song references, and ... diabetes devices?  YES!  Abby talks about being an adult, sporting diabetes devices, and dressing for summa.  I mean, summer.

*   *   *

Here it is, the groove, slightly transformed ... just a bit of a break from the normHere in Vermont, it's beginning to look a lot like summertime. Temperatures are hovering in the 70s, occasional 80s, with the occasional crazy 20 minute afternoon thunderstorm thrown in. I love summer in the Northeast. I like that the temperature is perfect between 5 - 7pm, and now that I'm working grown-up hours, I can sit in air conditioning during the hot,hot mid-day sun, but then get to go outside and enjoy the weather after work. (I love sleeping with my windows open to the sounds of crickets and random people driving into the condo parking lot.)

For the past four summers, I have been at Clara Barton Camp. Basically from June to the end of August, I was surrounded by diabetes. This also meant that my summer wardrobe does not have to be pump-friendly or "professional." Most of my summer attire, since 2008, has consisted of gym shorts and t-shirts. (This is an ultra-friendly pump hiding combo. Clip it on the shorts waist band. Clip it on your sports bra. Clip it on your shirt collar, clip it on your sneakers, wear it in a child-size pump pack outside of your shirt or as a head band - all completely valid pump storage options at diabetes camp.)

But I'm not at diabetes camp this summer.  I'm a grown up now, with a grown up job. Which is making my summer wardrobe in need of an upgrade.

Today I wore shorts outside to read on a bench in the sun. My pump site was showing on my thigh. I didn't even think twice about it, until I stood up and realized my neighbor was on his porch and probably saw the little pink sticker stuck to my leg (he's a doctor, so for some reason this eased my mind a bit).

A lot of us blog about diabetes and fashion. The amount of tricks we have to hide our d-gear (especially girls) is endless. I'm fine with hiding it, and I'm also fine with showing it off, but I'm generally a hider when it comes to my pump. You will rarely find a picture of me and be able to spot my pump unless I'm surrounded by d-people, and even then it'll be a glimpse of tubing here or there. I'm not ashamed; I just feel more comfortable with it tucked close.

So this summer will be exciting. I will wear dresses, shorts, capris, tank tops (not all at the same time, and not at work of course - health care dress codes and all that) and if my pump shows, so be it. I probably won't be wearing my tally-gear outside of my clothing in public ever, but I also won't be afraid to wear a sleeveless dress with an arm pump site.

*   *   *

Rock the arm site, Abby.  Sometimes you just need to rotate the real estate options, you know?


I find pump sites easy to manage -- it's the Dex sites that don't work. (I actually stopped wearing my Dex 11 months ago when it made a lump under a dress I was taking for a beach vacation.)

Any ideas on where to wear the Dex that doesn't go on the arm? I don't want to flash my Dex to the world, but I also don't like how it looks under tighter clothes. I have the unfortunate genetics that store all of my fat in my torso, so it's hard enough to make swimsuits look right without a transmitter getting in the way.

I don't have a Dexcom yet (but I am looking into it) so I don't have to deal with the big sites. But I am a pumper, and a user of the Silhouette sites. I don't know if it's just me, but these sites are a pain in the butt and leave total marks in my abdomen. My big summa diabetes issue is that when I wear a bikini it looks like I am covered with tummy mosquito bites.

Love the idea of Tallygear! I'm Asthmatic and I've taken to wearing my inhaler around my neck for easy access. I work with small children though, so it gets tugged on a lot. Tallygear would be great for us Asthmatics, too! Love your blog! Before I found your blog I wasn't so good about my asthma. Thanks for inspiring me to take better care of my lungs :)

The weather has been GREAT here!!! And...I think Joe is finally wanting to tuck his pump into his pant/short pockets...but then there is the darn Dexcom. So, I think we are sticking with tallygear for awhile longer. Love those packs.

I bet the camp misses you.

I saw the title of your post and thought "who is this person writing about my hospital?" I am an RN who works at Summa Health System in Akron OH. You meant summer time - I get it now.
There is a history of DM in my family so I appreciate reading your posts, everyone's posts, about the subject.

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