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Dearest Birdzonoius Maximus,

You used to go to sleep when I put you in your crib at night.  You'd stick your thumb in your mouth, wrap your hands up in your blanket (which you've named "bim" and you drag around with you everywhere), and wave goodnight.  But now, at the ripe old age of 25 months, you've started to bargain.  And discuss.

"Hungry?" You say thoughtfully, putting your finger to your lips in deep thought, then, "How 'bout … Elmo crackers?"  

"No Elmo crackers, Birdy.  Time for bed."

"No bed!"  Again with the finger to the lip.  "How 'bout … um, rainbow song?"

At which point I climb into your crib, wrap you up in my arms, and we sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow together.  And somehow, bed time ends up being delayed.  Clever bird.

This is how she plays hide and seek.
Birdy's version of "hide and seek."  Spoiler: She's easily found.

Life is going by very quickly, my little friend, but you are picking up bits of knowledge every day. You have a very thorough understanding of what constitutes as "mommy's meh-cine," bringing me my Dexcom receiver when it beeps and watching me with a sidelong glance when I test my blood sugar.  Sometimes even snacks are meh-cine, and there are moments when we both sit on the kitchen floor and chomp on fruit snacks - yours for fun and mine for necessity.  When I reconnect my pump after I get out of the shower in the morning, you usually want to give it a kiss, like you somehow know it's important.

You also have adopted a certain plastic figurine as your new favorite item ... Larry Bird.  Abby sent Larry to us a few months ago, and he's been a fixture in my office ever since.  But somehow, he migrated upstairs, and you're smitten.  Larry gets dragged everywhere - to the grocery store, to the playground, to your highchair, where you actively try to feed him spoonfuls of oatmeal.  And sometimes you brush his teeth.

Watching you grow up and go from "baby" to "actual kid" has been an incredible journey (in which you are the cat and I'll be the lab and Daddy can be the terrier), and your discoveries bring me so much joy on a daily basis.  You're fun to hang out with, Birdy, and I love getting to know your wild little personality.

I love her smile.

"A, B, C, D, E, F, G," you sing loudly from your crib, far past when you should be asleep.  "H, I, J ... louder? [As though someone asked.]  Okay.  A, B, C, D ..." and now you're at the top of your lungs.  

You crack me up, kid.  



Your stories crack me up also! Birdy is adorable. Thank you for sharing her Kerri.

Kerri, when you write about your diabetes, I am enlightened, and entertained. I learn, and I share. It helps me better understand my SO type 1. But when you write about your little one, you take my breath away. She is beautiful. You are an amazing writer, thank you for sharing.

Aawwwwww!!! But Birdy, can you slow down just a little bit?? Hugs!!

She is a lucky person to have such an Amazingly Awesome Family.

My day was made by reading this blog, just shows how the small things in life are really what count.


LOUDER? ahahahahah!!!

her affinity for larry bird is DELIGHTFUL!


One of my most cherished memories is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" with my mom. It always makes me feel her love, now matter how close or far apart we may be :)

I'M DYING. Glad someone's getting some use of your birthday present :)

So adorable! That last picture is just precious and that video, oh my goodness. Makes me so excited for what's to come for my little one. :)

I want to sing the ABCs with your kid. Louder.

I love these posts, you'd better keep doing them forever. :D

The video is just SOOOO cute!

...And how, HOW do you fit in her crib with her, Kerri?

I think you might have one of the cutest kids to ever live. :)

The months go by so quickly! She is so lovely & I feel honored that I get to vicariously watch her grown through your blog.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go call my niece & have her sing the rainbow song to me. :)

hahaha! I feel like you could be writing my life! My youngest will be 2 in August and she sounds a lot like Birdy. Too cute. (Just change those gorgeous dark curls to a mess of strawberry blonde frizz :) )

I want someone to kiss my pump when I reconnect…!

It's amazing how a child's perception of things can make them more bearable. It makes the burden of diabetes feel lighter to read your posts!

Kerri, that wonderful blog about you and Birdy made shed a few tears. What a precious message. Makes me want to have anoter child, preferably a daughter. I have two sons in their 40s! Thanks for for putting a big smile on my face, I might wear it the rest of the day!


I would love to see her meeting the live version of Larry Bird and watch her little mind get blown. Well, yours too, probably. She's a hilarious little bird.

Love hearing about Birdy. These posts are so sweet and funny.

I still want to see a picture of you tucked into her crib :)

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