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Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to the man who shows his daughter how much he loves her, every day.

We love you, DaddyMan.

Your Girls


Awww... very smile-worthy!! Thanks for sharing this, Kerri! (Happy dad day to you, Chris!)

That is the sweetest picture I have ever seen!!! Birdy is getting so big and she is so beautiful!!!

P R E C I O U S!!!

That is all ;)

So sweet! Happy Father's Day (late), Chris.

one of a kind beautiful

Happy Father's Day to Chris. I'm a father myself and on Friday, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am taking the necessary steps to learn about and come to terms with this diagnosis. One of the things I have given thought about doing is creating a blog to recount my ups and downs as I go through life. This is scary. I'm only 26, and although there have been a few people in my family with this disease, I never learned much about it. Thank you for this blog.

such a great post -- simple, straight to the point and pouring over with love! Love that picture of Csparl and the Bird together!! so precious!!

Love this! :)

She looks so proud holding his hand and he looks so proud looking down at her. Love this.

So sweet!!

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