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From Abby: Jinxed It.

Abby jinxed herself.  ;)

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This is what I used to keep my insulin in ... actually, I used to keep it in my pancreas.Ever get in those ruts of weird blood sugars that just don’t make sense and you know it’s because you have recently told someone that you’re in really good control, so you basically jinxed yourself?

Yeah. That.

The past week I have woken up around 3am with a BG over 250mg/dL four times. There is absolutely no pattern to why this is happening. Other than a week and a half ago I told someone that I was doing a really good job with my diabetes. This is the only logical explanation.

Last night when I woke up at 4:00 am and I tested and saw a 301 mg/dL I realized diabetes karma was kicking my ass, and my kidneys, heart, micro-vascular system, etc. I corrected through my pump site and laid back down. Only to sit there and think, "Hmm, I put this site in on Friday night. It is now Wednesday at 4am. That’s disgusting, and clearly not okay. I should check my ketones."

Sure enough, that strip turned raspberry pink faster than I could even look at it.

So I stumbled back to my bed, grabbing pump supplies, insulin, and a syringe on my way. I re-corrected with the syringe (and put a juice next to my bed because clearly I’m an idiot and shouldn’t have corrected through my pump) and ripped out my site. The old cannula looked great, the site looked great, but I realized I went to the beach all day on Saturday with this insulin and it’s probably all sorts of denatured and as good as water at this point.

This is when I thought of this brilliant plan (at 4:00 am, mind you) to fill my reservoirs only ¾ full since 180 units is lasting me way too long now that I’m exercising more and eating summer time foods that don’t have as many carbs. Also, my pump is exposed to much hotter temps so my insulin isn’t going to last as long. (This all went through my brain, I’m not kidding you. I should work nights, because I am not this smart during the day.) So I did just that. Filled up the new reservoir to about 140 units and put a fresh Mio into my arm (where I get great absorption and killer tan lines).

... the 44 mg/dL that hit me at 6:00am was a good one though. It was a stuck to my sheets, room spinning, juice drank in record time kind of low. But it was expected, and I didn’t freak out. While lows are never fun, feeling guilty about organ damage at a BG of 301 mg/dL is worse – for me.

So there’s my story about how I need to stop being an idiot and trying to reduce all the waste that a pump site change generates and take care of myself. Hopefully this new tactic will reduce the weird highs I’m having at night, or at least I’ll figure out what’s causing them, other than angry dia-gods.

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Do you have different ways of managing your diabetes crap during the hot, hot heat of summer? I'm with Abby on the "filling the insulin reservoir only 3/4 of the way" methodology.  Any tricks or tips that you use? 


Totally remember having one of those blue insulin containers. Wow! The memories...

Beach days, I only fill for THAT day. I go through a TON of supplies during our annual beach week, but I'd rather be safe than end up sick as a dog from spoiled insulin.

I am not against stretching the life of sets, hell I never keep my sensors in for just 7 days! But I think one good thing about the OmniPod is that it forces you to change it every 3 days. While some may not think that's a good thing, I feel it is to keep people changing it regularly and maybe even more helpful in the heat.

My Dr. gave me the idea of filling the reservoir only 3/4 of the way. I used to go five days before changing my site. Now especially in the summer I change ever 2 to 21/2 days. It helps keep my sugars much more level.

I think that just happened to me. I was on TuDiabetes reading about issues that people have with their Omnipods....and thinking, wow, I've not had any of these issues.
Hello, new day, two issues with two pods in a 12 hour period. Geez.

Sometimes you only have to think it. Looked at my meter's 30-day average yesterday and was pretty pleased. Woke up to 332 this morning.

Oh Abby. Oh no. I knew I would never remember to change pump sites. So, I figured out my average daily insulin and fill my pump with a little more. I run out of insulin in 3 days.

It's working for me. I also need to thank you both because I've been pumping for a month and I never would have started without reading about pumps here at Sixuntilme.com :-) Happy pumping!

I can relate to "being jinxed" when you share the happy news that you have been "doing good with your diabetes control"
I think I am hopefully learning , after type 1 for 40+ years, to zip it when those words start to bubble out of my mouth..........=)

Not totally related to your post, Abby, but I just had to share that my numbers have been totally nuts all morning. It's one of those days where you feel all the low symptoms, but keep checking Dex and I'm fluxuating b/w 120-165 (also confirmed with meter). The constant movement is making me feel dizzy and I wish I could just lay down, but alas, I'll be here at work until 5. I finally just ate a granola bar to try and get rid of the low feeling, but now I'm up into the mid-200s. I just want a redo on today...

It takes me days to go through one vial so I almost always fill it only 2/3 or 3/4 of the way. I hardly ever have problems with bad insulin but I do have problems with bad sites and filling the insulin up so it only lasts me 2-3 days also prompts me to change my site more frequently then I would because I am super lazy.

However, now I'm pregnant and using more insulin so everything is changing!

I wish we had that problem! Tony's usage goes way up in the summer, and when I crank up the basal rates, I get a good two weeks before I have to crank them up again. By the time I have it under control (HA!) school starts and we;re fighting lows. And we too only put enough in the reservoir for 3 days :/

I also learned the lesson "i'm an idiot and shouldn't correct a really high high through the pump, even if i had changed the site". But i was too scared to double up and take the injection right away so it took HOURS to turn my my HI into something remotely acceptable. I should probably also learn the lesson of not putting 300 units in my pump reservoir. Very timely post for me. Thanks :)

I've had problems with the MiniMed reserviors leaking insulin back, instead of pushing it into the tubing. Usually right after a new reservior/site, and bloodsugars rise to 400! Medtronic says they haven't had many compliants. But I can see the drops of insulin behind the gaskets and smell the odor of insulin. Even leaked onto the screw of my pump once. Anyone else have this problem?

Diabetes karma, yep. Happens every time!

I'm in SC...106F this Friday!

I typically add only a day or so of insulin if I'm going to be outside for extended periods in the summer (well really when it's over 85F). I sadly reuse the vial and tubing when I do that. I can't get insurance to pay for more and it seems to work. I only add insulin to the vial 2 times, and I do my best to push all the "old" insulin out. I wouldn't suggest it for others, but it has kept my blood sugar somewhat normal during the heat. I also have been known to keep my insulin and as much tubing as possible in a cooler. Sad? Yes. Annoying? Very. But it's that or never be outside, which is impossible.

I would LOVE better ideas!

I have never heard of someone wearing a set for that many days. It is strongly advised that we change sets every 3 days. When I forget to change and use a set an extra day, I have a hard knot at my site. That is scar tissue. Insulin absorption is slow, or even nonexistent when scar tissue is present. That can certainly cause very high blood sugar. Changing sets every 3 days, and rotating sites is necessary to totally avoid scar tissue.

I used MDI (injections) for almost 62 years before I started pumping. No doctor had ever told me about site rotation, and scar tissue. My upper abdomen developed so much scar tissue that it is permanent. I can never use my upper abdomen again. I have tried a few times and I get "No Delivery" alarms on my Minimed pump every time.

So, I am not a PWD, but a mom of a babe with t1d and a wife of an awesome dude with t1d and it seems they both utilize the same method during the summer, same basal but more uncovered food. for my son, we make sure we always have extra sites available if he is in weather over 90 or a hot tub over 90 and then we change daily...if our typical cooler NW weather we do a new site every 2 days, he has sensitive skin and adding the beach, pool, etc to that makes it even that much more important to change sites frequently. My hubs is happy with MDI and just goes with the flow of summer :)

For fellow kids, I always take a "pump vacay". It helps with burnout, and if you're having problems with scar tissue, it also helps. Just take a break from the pump, and, if you're comfortable with it, the CGM also. Just make sure you don't loose either, or it's going to be a looooooong day... Not that I would know or anything, nah, psh...

OH NOOOOOOO, I just told someone (my diabetic educator, no less) that I was feeling like I had pretty good control these days. Guess I'd better expect some really wacky readings soon......
I too am loading my pump with less insulin these days so that the insulin isn't in there as long - 3 days at the most. I hate going through that many sites, but it's a small price to pay (no pun intended) for effective insulin. And I wear my pump on my hip more often, rather than tucked inside my unmentionables (are bras unmentionable on blogs?), thinking it's pretty hot in there in the summer.....

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