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Gritty Little Infusion Sets.

I love the beach, and it seems that I've given birth to a little beach blanket Birdy.  We've spent some time on the shore so far this summer, and we build sand castles and play in the ocean and make a proper mess of ourselves.  But all the sand and salt water can do a number on my infusion set, namely clogging it up and making it hard to disconnect/reconnect at will.

This sandy little Bird makes for a messy insulin pump.

Quick fix?  A splash of bottled water to rinse out my infusion set.  Takes away that gritty, sticky feel from my site and makes reconnecting a snap.  (Puns.)

(But a fix for keeping the Dexcom sensor tape intact through a few days at the beach?  No clue.  I've yet to find a good solution.  The beach melts sensor adhesive like it's made out of Popsicles.)

Mmmm.  Popsicles.


Does Opsite Flexifix around the Dex help at all?

We use J&J tough pads UNDER the site (b/c she is allergic to dex adhesive). It keeps it on a lot longer. We also use an old tube sock cut into a sleeve and pull that on over it. It tends to fall off though. :) Love love love love love the beach.

It does help, but I go in the water pretty often, so even Opsite gets all mushy when up against the salt water. :(

Pack those little connection covers that come with the boxes of sites in your beach bag. I have to do it every summer for our beach vacations.

As for the sensors, SkinTac or Mastisol works great, but also cover over it COMPLETELY with IV3000 or better yet, Tegaderm. I know you're not supposed to, but I never got "off" readings or losses in communication when I used it.

I melt a little every time I see a picture of the birdy. She's so stinking CUTE!

I do skintac, tegaderm, skintac, sensor, skintac, tegaderm in layers. I don't get to the beach that often, but a whole lot of chlorinated water and sweat and it still holds up.

When I was on the CGM, I used the IV 3000 and when I covered the sensor, I would cup the palm over it and it would do like a vacumn seal type thingy :)

That Birdy is an expert sand castle builder!

Opsite just barely helps my Dexcom make it through the summer days and it is just about all my skin can handle without me wanting to itch it off.

Happy 1st day of summer! :)

this is an honest and naive question, not a trying-to-tell-you-your-doing-something-wrong question:

does the water get in the cannula? experts tell me it stays magically filled with insulin and due to "physics" and water can not displace it. how does this work???

OMG. I just read all of the comments. These people are so far beyond me. Extra adhesives? I can buy at CVS? At a hospital?

Love the sandcastle photo of Birdy there, Kerri. Great stuff.

Sarah mentioned it, but the thought that came to my mind was also those little plastic set covers. I rarely (ok, NEVER) use them with my MM, but I hear they serve a purpose. Not sure what your pump style has, though.

And now I want a Popsicle - despite it being 5 a.m.

Maybe coffee will suffice...

Thank you so much for this post! This happens to me every time I go to the beach - I can never reconnect. The birdy is beautiful!

I'm in the salt water almost daily. Dexcom's adhesive suffers a bit during the second week (I know you'e only supposed to use it for 1 week) but as long as I use skintac in the beginning, Mastisol seals down the edges so I can get that magic (and cost containing) extra week. Keep plenty of sunblock on Birdy.

I use SkinTac from the bottle (not the single-use swabs...I hear the stuff in the bottle is stronger) with my Dexcom, but I still don't get more than 8 days out of a sensor in the summer as opposed to 12-14 at other times of the year.

Someone recomended to me to try Water proof taupe glue (I guees if it can keep a wig on ....). I have also heard that the adhesive stuff sold for ostomy supplies is stronger than what we typically use on pumps.

I actually have worse luck when I try mastisol/ second skin/ liquid adhesives... while they will re stick my dexcom adhesive if it starts to peel off, they seem to make it more likely to peel off again (I think maybe becuase it is less flexible after I have used one of these products and when I bend it comes unstuck?). I just put a large tegaderm or something silimar over the whole thing.

I cut a hole in some generic tegaderm (cvs brand) and then position that over the snap on/off part. It works fantasmically.

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