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Linkable Diabetes Moments.

I'm headed to the ADA Scientific Sessions today (currently on a flight from LA to Philly, cruising at an altitude of some specific height but I can't remember it because I picked up a wicked case of poison ivy on my arm just before I left home, so now I'm blogging and itching like mad and I tried to pretend I was contagious but I still ended up in the middle seat), but thanks to in-flight wifi, I've spent the last hour or so combing through blog posts and Facebook updates that I've missed.  Which brings me to the end of this paragraph, and also to the links I wanted to share:

  • This is the most riddddiculous (the extra D's are in homage to the grammar and spelling found in this "article") diabetes write-up I've seen in a long time. Someone please send them a dictionary. And a proper photo of Bret Michaels. And maybe a punch in the nose, but I'm not sure how well those travel. 
  • But this post, from Wendy at the Candy Hearts blog, is beyond lovely, and a great reminder that we are more than all of these diabetes bits and pieces.
  • There's a TuDiabetes meet-up happening at ADA's Sci Sessions this year, and it's taking place on Saturday, June 10th.  Click here for more details.
  • My Canadian friend, Buzz Bishop, is raising awareness and funds for Team Diabetes using just a few words.  Actually, he's only using 140 characters, making the most of a Twitter hashtag campaign.  Read more about his efforts for the diabetes community on his blog.
  • Zakary explains type 1 diabetes with brevity, simplicity, and accuracy by showing notes from her daughter's recent endocrinologist appointment.  WTF indeed.
  • In support of my friend who lives with type 1, married a man with type 1, and is raising two kids with type 1, please show some love for her son Ryan P in his ambition to become a Downy Little Champ and score a trip to London for the 2012 Olympics. The whole family is incredible - please vote for Ryan!
This concludes today's blog post.  Please return your tray tables to their full and upright positions.  And other plane stuff.


I actually howled with laughter when I saw "Bret's" picture. Probably the funniest thing I've seen all week. LOL!

Thanks for including me, Kerri.

And I voted for Ryan, what a fantastic family.


That article in the first bullet is so incredibly IRRITATING! Who is allowed to WRITE this crap??

Oh no! I have the fatal stage 1 diabetes!! Too funny ;).

After reading the riddddiculous article, I'm thinking it must have been written by someone whose native language isn't English. It really has a language barrier feel to it. At least that's what I'm telling myself...giving them the benefit of the doubt!

"7. Nikki Lang

We all know she is a singer and lyricist. she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was just 10."

Actually we don't. In fact, I've never even heard of her. Nikki Lang could be a substitute teacher and botanist for all I know.

When I read the first article, I didn't know whether to laugh or be angry. And I noticed it was posted by "Admin". Should someone who writes articles like that be running a website?

"and also a proper photo of bret michaels" ha!

Bahahahahahaaaa! That's the best pic of Brett Michaels evah! :P

Thank you for posting about Ryan! And for the first link, which made me spit out diet coke.

yeah -- i also wondered if the first article was originally written in another language and translated into english. and i'm pretty sure life is fatal: no one ever gets out of it alive.

Who knew Bret Michaels had such a fondness for southern cuisine?

LOL!!! Dang! Bret needs to tone down the DIY bronzer!!!!

Thanks for the shout out.

You are. YOU ARE!!!!

Today my 11 year old (diagnosed at 2) asked me if diabetes (and her other medical issues) would keep her from having a baby. I choked back my tears as I flashed back, to her diagnoses, and hospital stays, and illnesses and flashed forward to the amazing prospect of her being a wife and mother. So I pulled her to the computer with me to find out.

We've spent the last hour scrolling through all your posts about diabetes, pregnancy and motherhood. THANK YOU for answering all the questions I couldn't.

Libby and Ella

Hey, ya'll! Bret Michaels here, and I just love butter...I mean, I just love bein' a rockstar, ya'll. Every rose has its thorn.

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