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Literal Lifesavers.

I've had a lot of diabetes-related interactions with people that have been crummy, miserable experiences.  But I have been fortunate in that so many other moments of discussion and disclosure have been informative and supportive ... and sometimes there's a bit of free candy thrown into the mix.

"I spied the bag of Skittles in a display behind the counter.

“Actually, can I also add a bag of those Skittles, as well?”

The girl shot me a confused glance. “You want Skittles and the fitness center? Doesn’t that go against the whole ‘working out’ thing?” She wasn’t being rude; she was genuinely bewildered."

The rest of this story is over at Animas.  :)



I love the way you write, Kerri. The little details, like the one describing her brown eyes are so well-written.

Funny experience that my trainer at the gym related to me. One of the other trainers came up to him and said " you need to talk to your client(me) about not eating candy (glucose tabs) at the gym" My trainer just laughed and walked away.

Ahhh...LOVE HER. The lifesavers at the end was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful.

Great post, Kerri. Love the story, the writing, all of it - literally.

I am joining to what Clare,from the previous comment said, I am truly enjoying your posts and the ideas you are implying by them! Thanks for the great stories, Kerri!

I love that she actually wanted to learn and didn't turn into a snotty know-it-all. A refreshing change to most of the stories we hear.

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