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Looking Back: These. Are. KETONES!

Today I'm looking back on a post from July 2010 about ketones.  Because I still like saying, "These.  Are.  KETONES!" in my head, and then mentally pushing diabetes into a bottomless well.

*   *   *

I have no idea how it happened, but yesterday was a crummy day, diabetes-wise.  Somehow, early in the evening, I heard the Dexcom singing from the kitchen countertop, and BSparl and I went over to investigate.

"High."  With a long line at the very top of the Dexcom screen.

"Hi, to you, jerkface," I said, pulling out my meter to see just what the greeting was about.  And I saw a sticky 451 mg/dl blinking back at me.

"What the fern?"  I couldn't figure out how I ended up so high, especially since after lunch I was 174 mg/dl and flatlined on the Dex.

And I was so angry.  How does this happen?  Did I eat the wrong thing?  Take a shallow bolus?  Is the pump ferning with me?  Could the insulin have spoiled?  Did I just lose track of everything and my numbers went berserk on me?

I was beyond battling with variables.  High as can be and sporting ketones?  I wanted this fixed NOW.  So BSparl and I went into the bathroom to do a full once-over.  Brand new pump infusion set, brand new bottle of insulin, and I took an injection from a syringe instead of bolusing, to make sure I'd come down within a few hours.

I did a ketone check and confirmed my suspicions:  small ketones.  Oh for crying out loud.  I felt like I was in a battle against 100,000 variables, and all I had were these remedial tools with which to battle back. 


A few hours later (and after a nap and after skipping my workout and after explaining to BSparl why her mommy keeps peeing on a stick), I was back down to 213 mg/dl and still falling.  And when I woke up this morning, it appeared that I had fallen to about 90 mg/dl and held there all night long.  Lucky save.

I am not a fan of these kinds of glitches on the battlefield against diabetes.  (But I do love me some Photoshop.  Because there's something so fun about arming King Leonidas, and his mega-abs, with a syringe.)


Nice photoshopping. High blood sugars DESERVE TO DIE!!!!

I need to some how make a giant Syringe for Halloween. This picture from 300 should totally be my costume.


HI larious !!...........=)

What's your opinion of the dexcom meter? My husband's blood sugar has been all over the place so we are considering using that.

Are you overrelying on the dexcom for maintaining blood sugar? Looking over your blog, you have a pump, dexcom, a lot of info from conferences, etc. but a real lack of blood sugar control an indicated by your a1c and wide excursions.

Betty - I think the Dex is great for catching trends and those rogue highs and lows, but it's definitely not a replacement for the glucose meter. I have high hopes for the next gen sensor, though, and its accuracy levels.

WrenchWench - I don't rely on the Dexcom for diabetes management. See above comment. (And thankfully, this post is a rerun from two years ago. :) )

Thank you for your honesty about diabetes! I came across your blog a few yrs ago and have laughed, cried, and related to all of it. It is truly a comfort to read. I've had diabetes for 31 yrs, diag at 6, pumping for 13. While I'm thankful for all we have to manage it, it is still a huge pain to deal with 24/7!!!

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