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Pushing Through.

Old timey!!Before the Bird arrived, making regular exercise part of my routine was easy ... ish.  Since I wasn't responsible for anyone other than myself, I could structure my visits to the gym around my work schedule.  And since I spent most of my 20s working a very regimented 8 - 5 work schedule, going to the gym after work became a routine.  It was a boring, predictable routine, but at least I could lay claim to exercise more often than not.

But hey!  Things are decidedly less predictable these days, with my schedule completely dominated by that of the Bird and the fact that I work from home.  In theory, it sounds like I should be able to plan my day and have a reasonable schedule, and that was the attempt, at first.  But Birdy doesn't always wake up at a predictable time.  And I definitely don't always go to bed at a predictable time.  The contents of the hours in between are all over the map - in a good way - but not in a scheduled way.  One day can include a series of conference calls book-ended by laundry.  Another day might include bringing the kid to the beach for the morning, and then trying to meet deadlines while she's taking a nice, long afternoon nap.  I spend lots of time playing with my child, and also working on work things. 

But working out?  Pfffft.  That's no longer a daytime event.  I've become a creepy version of cardio-Batman, working out in the basement late in the evening with my pump clipped to my hip and the Dexcom balanced on the ellipmachine.  (And a cape.  How else can I be a crusader?)  The ellipmachine and I are very good friends these days, and as previously mentioned, I catch up on missed episodes of Colbert (NATION!) on Hulu as often as I can.  Keeping exercise as part of my regular routine has been a big challenge, but thanks to Chris and his flexible schedule, it's not about carving out the actual time.

It's more that the 'actual time' is after 9:30 at night.

I don't mind a late night workout.  It wakes my brain up and helps me mentally organize the things I'm working on.  But it's tough to fall into bed at midnight after a 9:30 pm workout; I'm more inclined to go outside and grab the saw and take down some pesky tree branches that have been bugging me.  (I love sawing down branches.  Love.  I wish I was Paul Bunyon.  Maybe Siah will dress up as a big, blue ox?) 

Working out late is contributing to a bit of insomnia, and it's also making me wary of middle of the night low blood sugars.  Thankfully the Dexcom helps me make clearer sense of what a 140 mg/dL before bed might mean (140 and dropping? 140 and holding steady?  140 and double arrows up?), and the context it adds helps me make better nighttime decisions.  But still, the later I work out, the more I'm a little nervous about the 4 am time frame, where nightmares sometimes include juice and graham crackers.

From past experience, I know that once I do the late night workouts for a few weeks in a row, my body will adjust.  And I'll figure out what/where/when to tweak.  In the meantime, it's setting an alarm for 3:30 am and doing a quick finger stick, just to make sure.  

... maybe I can teach Siah the Big Blue Ox to help out with that wee morning check.


I have been struggling with middle of the night lows lately because of the sweatabetes.

It sucks to have anything negative tied to exercise because any excuse I can find I use.

I can see you welding a saw in the back yard after dark & your neighbors peering out their blinds at you & your cat dressed like an ox. :P

I'm so glad that you are making the time to exercise! I sucked at it when I was working, but now that I'm retired I have no excuses. :)

I worked from home 2 summers and I know what you mean about finding time. It seems like you can just do whatever you want, whenever you want to but I always ended up working MORE than when I worked in the office. I hope your new routine works out for you! (pun)

I have 2 more weeks before I'm "released" to work out again, and I'm already dreading it. I'm contemplating working out when J wakes up for her 5 am feeding, whereas right now I tend to go back to sleep with her until 7-8 am or so. Plus, I also need to dust off the Total Gym that has been sitting dormant since I got preggars. But I'm determined to make my deflated-balloon abs into something more flat.

Trust me, it's not any easier with an (allegedly) 8-5 job and a toddler. I've resorted to running on my lunch break, or "Runch", as I call it. It does make for sweaty 1:00 meetings, which can be off-putting. I just can't seem to get up early enough to get a workout in before lunch...perhaps we should have bought a less comfortable mattress?

P.S. I like your new bike...how many speeds does it have? I'm guessing 2 - stopped and OMGYOUREGOINGTODIE.

Does your health club have babysitting? An hour of playtime for the Bird and an hour of exercise for you. It might not be your choice every day, but it's a good way to get some fun and socialization for your daughter while you work out in the daylight hours.

When my kids were young, my husband travelled a lot. Sometimes I would go to the health club, put them in the babysitting area so I could take a shower in peace and quiet, and not even exercise. My kids really enjoyed the health club play area until they got to kindergarten age.

You have such a busy schedule, but you really seem to make it work. Wouldn't life be boring if you didn't have to fit diabetes into the mix?

That is so funny! Me and my friend the other day were outside riding bikes, and I started to feel wobbly. Long story short, she made me stop after I almost ran into a niebor's cat, then saw my eyes all misty... But that's what friends are for, isn't it?

Me too...on the branch sawing thing. Actually....any kind of prunning AND love cutting hair too. Good luck with your over-night-post-exercise-numbers Kerri.

You can find me at 5:45 AM in my bat-garage on the elliptical with my Kindle :) Can you convince yourself to do mornings? For me it's a double bonus-- wakes me up for the day, and because of the dawn phenom, my blood sugar stays remarkably stable.

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