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Rage Bolus Redux.

I love seeing Diabetes Terms of Endearment popping up in mainstream diabetes information sources (and it's even better when the terms are capitalized, as if they're proper nouns.  Proper Nouns!) 

Like this Glu question from last week:

"Rarely."  These days.  Last year, the answer would have been "all the freaking time."

A little rage bolus action, anyone?  Maybe SWAG bolusing will be next.  :)


there are times when i wish i could rage bolus.. but my T1 son is only 10, and i'm too worried that he would swing widly in the other direction and end up super low.

I was 28 recently as a result of rage-bolusing. Now I'm too freaked out to do it again any time soon!!!!

Um, I'm sorry, I don't know what rage bolusing is.

Your battery is running low. Time for a charge. %}

I rage bolus all the time!!! Especially when she is high and I can't get her down. Usually send her crashing eventually. :-(

Rage Bolusing is the best term ever, Kerri! And it usually ends in tears.... (Actually, no. It ends with the twitches...)

what is rage bolus?

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