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The Friday Six: My Snuffy Has a First Name.

Today would be a good day to go to the beach.  And for a Friday Six, because there are so many links roaming around unsupervised in my brain that I need to let them out:

1.  On a recent episode of Sesame Street (tv show du jour in my house these days), I learned that the Snuggleupagus has a first name ... and it's not "Mister." I saw his full name written on a piece of mail he received from The Mail It Shop, and a quick Wiki search confirmed it.  Snuffy's first name is ... Aloysius.  It's so close to Dumbledore's first name that I can't stop smiling.

2.  Every actor should be judged by his "see a birthday cake" face.  I've learned this from books.  (And if you haven't read Graham Roumeiu's Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, you're totally missing out on some excellently bizarre storytelling.)

We practice this at home.  "A birthday cake?! For me?"

3.  Did you know the Russian smiley face emoticon often goes sans colon?  Just a parenthesis. (How on earth does it conduct its business?)  Oh Wikipedia ... you color my world.

4.  The American Diabetes Association 72nd Scientific Sessions are taking place in Philadelphia, PA next week, and I'll be roaming around with a battered copy of the aforementioned Bigfoot book, glucose tabs, and a red moleskin for taking notes on the sessions that are sure to fill my brain with information.  If you'll be there, please say hi O hai.and point me in the direction of coffee.

5. Taking place today, at 10 am EDT, is a live chat on TuDiabetes with CDE extraordinaire (and Philadelphia 76ers fan) Gary Scheiner.  Gary wrote the book Think Like a Pancreas and has some great information for people who are living with diabetes ... because he is also living with diabetes.  Nothing like chatting with a medical professional who "gets it" on more than one level.  Tune in at 10 am!

6.  And lastly, the FDA has improved the first outpatient trials of the artificial pancreas project.  According to the JDRF website, "The approval of this milestone study follows a major 18-month long effort by JDRF and allies to ensure a clear and reasonable regulatory pathway for outpatient artificial pancreas studies, and ultimately for AP systems to be approved and made available by the FDA."  This is incredible news, and you can read more details here

That's all she wrote.  For now. 


I love that "See a Birthday Cake" face. Probably didn't see this one though:


I have a blogspot friend who attends the University Of Virginia. She participated in an AP trial there a few months ago. A few days ago she received word that she was chosen to be the first outpatient participant in the AP trials. I don't know if she is going to be the first in the UVA outpatient trials, or the first in the US. Whichever, she is very excited!!

my grandpa's name is aloysius! and now i can't stop giggling! :)

Have you also read Graham R's CAT AND GNOME? It takes about four minutes to read, but provides a lifetime of happy memories

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