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This Sucks.

Abby the Cat has been missing for several days.  We've called the local shelters, we've alerted all of our neighbors, and we've checked everywhere in our backyard.  This sucks, because the more days that go by without finding her, the less hopeful I feel.

This cat is awesome.  I've had her since my freshman year of college, she's a wonderful head warmer, and she's my living, breathing CGM.

Abby the Cat

I hope she comes home, safe and sound, very soon.


Poor little Abby the Cat. Sending good thoughts and hopes that she turns up very very soon. My friend's cat once went missing for several days, but they found her scared but safe and healthy hiding under a neighbor's car.

So do we, my friend! So do we!!!!!

The ASPCA says to leave her litter box on your front porch if your cat is missing. You might want to try that. I hope she comes home soon!

Oh no! Poor kitty! Hang in there, Sparling family! *hugs*

I hope that she returns home soon! This just makes my heart hurt for you :(

Hope Abby finds her way home soon, it's terrible when a pet goes missing. She may have been taken in by a kind stranger. Years ago, lost my dog and took a week to find her. She was picked up on the road by a technician from my vet's office. Keep an eye on the lost/found ads. I had placed ads in local papers with no results. After several days placed ad in Detroit papers, got a call the next morning, lady was only checking those ads.

I hope your Abby cat makes it home soon. I love my cat and know how I would feel if something happened to him.

I hope your beautiful kitty turns up very, very soon.

I really, really hope you find her safe and sound too, Kerri.

that does suck! i really hope that she comes home safely soon!!

She'll be home from her adventure soon, Kerri. We lost a cat for a few days and with signs up all over, someone found him. We made signs on fluorescent poster board with color pictures (see here for tips if you are interested: http://www.catsinthebag.org/). Sending positive thoughts your way!

So sorry to hear that. If it is any comfort my cat went missing for a week before and came home safe. Look around for garages or buildings she may have went into and was u able to get out. My cat goes into our neighbors building and gets locked up in there on occasionally. Praying she comes home soon!!!

Oh no - so sorry to hear about this, Kerri.

Hopefully your magical cat will miraculously reappear as only Abby could do.

I read your linked article re abby sniffing out lows. Why would anybody be surprised that a cat or dog can smell a high or low bg? A dog doesn't just smell chicken soup but smells the chicken, the noodles the carrots and the onion as clearly as we see each item swimming around in the pot. How could a totally different body chemistry not smell different, esp to your own pet who is so used to your normal smell. Of course your cat can smell your low. Most won't do anything about it or know it's dangerous, so that's what's special about abby. Good luck in finding your special kitty.

I've got my fingers crossed that she shows up today, safe and sound. I had a cat come back after a long walkabout once too. C'mon, Abby!

This totally sucks & I hope your kitty returns home very soon!!!

I hope she comes home soon! So sorry! :(

My prayers are with you and Abby. I'm more of a "dog guy" but I know how our furry critters can become more than a pet, they become family members.

A friend online found her cat hiding in the crawlspace under their house after 2 days of looking. (The kitty didn't come out when they looked the first day, and they couldn't see him under there.) Maybe there's a similar hiding place near your house? Anyway, I hope you find her safe and sound soon!

My parent's cat got out one time when someone was remodeling their house. He actually ended up being under the house the whole time. Turns out he's not an outdoor cat and didn't want to stray too far.

My inside cat got out one time and was gone for a month. He ended up crossing a major road. We were convinced he was gone, and then one day, he walked right up to the door of the house. Hoping you'll have this experience.

i lost my 18 year old cat a few years ago and 3 weeks later saw add about her in the paper so got her back so dont give up hope yet

Sweet Abby...I really hope she is okay and finding her way back to you right now. I know how hard it is to miss a special furry friend. Let us know when you find her!

You may have done already, but Craigslist has a section for lost/found pets, and you can post pictures.
It seems like everyone has a lost pet story, evident by all the stories here, and I do as well. We lost our (formerly) stray cat one day when our naughty dogs pushed open a door to the backyard. She was out there all day so we had little hope of getting her back. We looked for hours, and eventually found her in our backyard, after she heard us clicking the laser pointer, of all things.
Cats always come back to the place where their food is.
Hang in there, be positive :)

Poor Abby. Poor Sparls. I hope she comes home soon!

Praying in KY for your kitty to be found!

Awe Kerri. I hope she comes home very soon. Hugs.

Come home Abby! Kerri misses you.

Hope you find your cat. I was just asking my endo if they had cats that could sense lows because for some reason, most dogs don't like me. Guess it's possible.

:( I really hope she comes home soon!


I haz a sads.

Best wishes on reuniting with Abby. My wife loves calicos, but we just acquired twin orange kittens.

My wife says she is the most gorgeous cat she's ever seen. Abby come home!

Your cat is gorgeous. I'm so sorry she went missing, and sure hope you find her. I also clicked on and read your article about her detecting your nighttime lows. That's not at all surprising. Cats have a very excellent sense of smell

The other day, at the vet's office, I read in a cat magazine about a woman living in rural Oregon who has a cat who serves as their CGM as well. In her case, she takes her cat with her everywhere she goes. The cat bats her face and makes a fuss when she gets low, so she knows to eat something when that happens. She doesn't need a CGM since her cat does such a good job of it.

If your cat comes back, Jeff and I want to come by and meet her.

Awww, Kerri, this post makes me sad. My heart goes out to you--and to Abby. I hope she's safe and sound and just waiting for the right moment to be reunited with your pillow.

Dear Kerri
Hope your beautiful cat comes back soon.
Cats are amazing animals and their sensory perception abilities are well documented. I suggest you read the following article,"A day in the life of Oscar the cat" published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2007 about Oscar, a cat with the unique ability to sense impending death http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmp078108

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