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Dear lovely Bird,

You have officially lost your little Birdy mind.  And with that little mind went your verbal filter, because good Lord, you have started talking.  And you haven't stopped.  Not even when you sleep, because in the thick of the night, you break through the silence with a rousing rendition of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or your garbled version of a lullaby.  

Like your mama, you love carousels.

"Mama, you took a train from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island! That's nice."
"Mama, the beach.  Let's go?  Okay!"
"I saw a bird in a tree and it was in a tree a BIRD!"
"What Prussia doing?"
"I don't want to wear socks. I want to wear my buss-a-rye wings."  (Butterfly wings.)

And your learning curve about diabetes is growing by leaps and bounds.  I took a few days off from pumping (Impromptu pump vacation, born out of frustration with a dress I wanted to wear.  A few days of Levemir injections and Humalog pens wore thin, so I reconnected this morning.), and you noticed right away. 

"Pump, mama? Where your meh-cine?"

"I took it off for a few days.  It's okay.  I'll put it back on soon."

"Okay," you said, absently.  And then about twenty minutes later:  "Mama, your pump is for diiiii-aaaaaah-beeeee-teeeees!!!" 

"Diabetes" has a very specific vocal range, when it comes from you.  It's a song, it's a command, it's something you say with your thumbs jutted out and your mouth in a wide grin, having no idea what it means but you like the way it sounds.  "Mama's meh-cine for diabeteeeeeeeez!"  This statement is usually followed by a dance, with your elbows out and your knees bobbing.

Dancing is your other passion these days, aside from talking incessantly.  You dance everywhere.  We went out to eat last night and you were up on the booth, dancing at the very concept of chocolate cake.  "Choc-it cake, mama!  Yay!!"  And out come the wild elbows and assorted Birdy dance moves.  (Your moves are enviable.  And videoable, when your mom and dad are able to stop laughing for long enough to switch on the camera.)

My badass little Bird.

Oh wait ... you have one other new passion.  Tantrums.  Epic, insane tantrums that convert me from calm Mom to Mayor of Crazytown.  You yell "NO!" with such precision that it snaps my eardrums into two and makes me sweat instantly.  In the last few weeks, I've started speaking in those maternal interrogatories.  "Do you want me to turn this car around?"  "Do you want leave the store now, because you're acting bonkers?"  And the classic:  "Do you want to go in time out?"  (You put yourself in time out now.  And sometimes, you put me in time out.  We're all in a learning curve here.)

You make my life interesting.  You stress me out in ways I didn't think were possible.  And you make my heart explode when you say something as simple as, "Yes, please, mama."   I love you bunches, Birdy.  But please, slow down; I can't keep up.



That's a lot of cute in a little package!

How did the dress work out? I think we need a picture!

Little girls are beautiful things. Your post makes me remember the days when mine was little. She's 25 now and pregnant with her second child, which we're hoping is a girl. Thanks.

the "terrible two's" ah yes, I remember them well
in 10+ years, she will be in her teens, that's a fun time, as well
bet you can hardly wait.....=)
beautiful post, darling photos

So sweet! She is just adorable! :)

What a beautiful girl! Her take on diabetes made me smile; I am going to take on her attitude for the day. And a Red Sox fan to boot. Perfect!

Simply adorable. Say, where did the red hair come from?!

In all honesty, I too, dance at the very concept of chocolate cake. (But on the inside.)

She's beautiful Kerri, thanks for sharing her developmental milestones with us.

Love you guy's - and my word,do your descriptions bring back memories! As always, Kerri, your descriptive prowess is legendary. I could be in RI watching what we called the 'Supermarket Special'! That tantrum saved entirely for the most public arena a toddler can think of! (And the place where Mom is most likely to be stressed about it) Beautiful memories now and so wonderful to see the toddler world described so beautifully. You have a special gift. xxx

That last picture is so precious. (Well, they all are, but I love that one!).

"Meh-cine for diabeteeeeez". Love it! One of these days, I'm going to subconsciously say that and people will think I've lost my mind!

When my daughter was that age, my favorite mom phrases were...

"Does this look like Burger King? No? Then you can't have it your way."

"Look around. Are we in a playground? Are you sure? Do you see swings and a slide? No. Then stop running around."

Mayor of Crazytown, indeed. But she is so cute. Keep enjoying your little girl. Thanks for the updates. They remind me of all the good times I had with my daughter who is now 22.

Your descriptions of Birdzone make me want to have 10 just like her. Then you get to the epic tantrum throwing & I come to my senses. :D

Thank you for letting us all share just a wee bit of her Birdy magic. :)

ahhhh beautiful. thanks for sharing these stories with us. they remind me of when my L-bear was that age. now it's 10 years later and there's a different kind of tantrum. ;)

oh my goodness is she a cutie!! my granddaughter is 28 months and her little mouth never stops either! their world is a great big playground, so enjoy this time. before you know it the tantrums will be different and hopefully not as public!

Gotta love little girls! I have 3 of them--and 3 boys too! My littlest is just a bit younger than birdy, and they seem so much alike. Hang in there with the tantrums--they will pass eventually!

Kerri - this is beautiful.

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