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Beaching It (with Diabetes).

Living in Rhode Island, I grew up going to the beach all the time.  Seeing as how you can drive across the whole state, stem to stern, in less than an hour, and it's dotted with beaches the whole way through, it's easy to find a place to put your beach blanket.  We're the Ocean State, for crying out loud, so this makes sense.  ;)

This video is about the diabetes-at-the-beach routine ... and also what part of my diabetes supply arsenal I'd chose as Tribute, if we went all Hunger Games about things:


I have white ovals all over me from the Dexcom and the OmniPod.

I really appreciate the statement about being comfortable with people seeing your pump.

my favorite: "diabetes perhaps?"

i used the mystery bonus clip for the first time on monday--it worked. i could not believe it. what a simple thing. what a fresking useful thing. it's like they know we're in rhode island.

it was reyna from betabuddies who told me.

Great timing. I was at the beach yesterday, and despite using the little cover thingy, had trouble getting my tubing clipped back in. Stupid sand particles. :)

I love the extra clip movies sometimes have after the credits. The clip after the credits for The Avengers was great but no spoilers from me... - you'll have to watch yourself.

Your post credits clip was quite fast and I think it was...ummm...let me watch for the fifth time...

How many of you have to pee?

You are so super cute. :) I keep imagining my 9 yr old grown up one day and it makes me smile.

btw, if sand makes it difficult even with the thingy in, just pour clean water over the site. that should rince the sand out.

Brian I think it was "the sound makes you have to pee"

Since I am new to the whole waterproof pump thing, I am wondering when you disconnect at the beach. Should I not be wearing it into the water?

Oh! So that's what those things are for.

Made the mistake of *not* thinking about my pump when I bought my last swimsuit. It's super cute and super flattering and super one piece. I can easily snake up the tubing and clip the pump to the back of the suit though (it's a halter top). And since I have an animas ping I just swim with it connected.

One more thing--super jealous. I live 3 1/2 hours away from the beach and it's just too far. I used to live an hour away and I went all the time.

Kerri, thanks for posting this. I am going to the MA coast for my honeymoon in a few weeks and will definitely use your suggestions. Do you ever have your sites come out? I was thinking of bringing extra tegaderms to reinforce the site.

YAY! I'm so glad you like using the site connector covers. They are life (site?) savers for me.

And I never thought about the sunburn causing the higs!! I'll have to remember that next time. :-)

OMG - I never knew what that little thing in my infusion sets was for either!!!

You've just solved a long standing mystery for me and it makes sooo much sense. Thanks, Kerri....and person that originally posted to Kerri's blog.

Just went to the beach today and forgot the extra plastic thingy to use when I'm in the water! Luckily I had to do a site change at the end of the day so all was well. I always find placing the pump with a bathing suit on to be a challenge..today I clipped it onto the top of my bathing suit. Still got some weird looks, but didn't care ;) .

My daughter is T1 and 8 years old and loves the sand! Sometimes when we go to unhook for an ocean dip I can't bc of the sand getting stuck in the plastic. Luckily we have the ping so we head in with the pump on. This has also happened to us with the plastic thingy not coming out so we are unable to reconnect. Has Anyone out there figured out a way to keep the sand out of the infusion set? And should I be worried if she has to swim with the pump on?
Thanx! From a beach loving family!

Just want to mention a new product called the Frio. It keeps your pump and insulin cool without refrigeration by an evaporative process...Very cool :)

My son wallows in the sand and gets so much grit in his site that the extra clip doesn't work. I take a can of air (like you use for cleaning a keyboard) with me. If the set is too gritty I can blow the grit out. Embarrassing, but a heck of a lot better than changing a site at the beach.

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