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Insulin Pillow.

If Bed, Bath, and Beyond had a "diabetes" aisle, it would definitely include these insulin delivery pillows. 

Two king sized insulin packs?  Okay!

Thankfully, this "pillow" protects the vials of insulin from the excessive New England summer heat!


That's what the "Beyond" is all about, right?

You made me smile this morning. I have no idea how to recyle those things because they seem like such a waste to just throw away. Maybe I should just put a fancy throw cover on it and I'll have new couch pillows. Thanks again for reminding me to look at diabetes in a different light :)

Ah, yes, the insulin-by-mail pillow! We know it well. (Except, in this heat, it doesn't always work. We've had to get replacement shipments at times.)

Oh my gosh, you get those, too? It is an absolute disaster that my insurance insists I have to mail order insulin. It arrived on my porch in 105 degree heat, while I was out of town (3 weeks after I ordered it and no advanced warning it was shipping) and 6 bottles of insulin were completely ruined. When I called to report it, Medco said "The temperature limits don't have to be followed, go ahead and use it and let us know if you have a problem." So, I used it and 15 hours later I was running a 200% basal rate, throwing up, with large ketones, and completely unable to get out of the 300s no matter how much I bolussed! It was SO AWFUL and SCARY! I am totally distressed about mail order insulin in pillows!!!!!!!

I wonder if I could use one of those to store spares (meters, not ready to gamble with insulin) in my car. It's kinda big, but it could save me from the drama of last weekend (with my meter on the kitchen counter, and me nowhere near it).

All too familiar... I am making a suggestion to all insurance companies..

Help the environment! Allow PWD to obtain a 90 day supply at their local pharmacy CVS, CAREMARK, WALGREENS whoever. No more insulin pillows.

These insulin pillows will be in our environment forever. Insurance companies do your part for the environment.

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