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From Abby: Little Diabetes Tricks.

I'm on the road again today, heading to Indianapolis for the 4th Roche Summit (you can follow on Twitter at #rds12, and through the blogs of the attendees - more on that later) and then the AADE Annual Meeting.  Abby and I have been talking about the "little diabetes tricks" we use that are sometimes completely random and slightly off-label, but help us make sense of diabetes. Today, she's sharing a few of her favorite tricks.  :)

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I'll be the first to admit I don't follow all the rules of diabetes. I think it's only fair because diabetes doesn't follow my rules. (See also:  the definition of diabetes equals the one for insanity) I know everyone has their own little tricks - there's no way to survive diabetes without them. Things our doctors don't tell us, our CDEs don't know about, and our DOC friends have yet to discover. Some of these I learn from others, and some I just invent. So here's a little list of weird tricks I use to keep my diabetes tame-ish. They may or may not work for you, and they don't ALWAYS work for me - but I figured I'd share.Tools.  :)

Gatorade - I got this idea from a teacher in nursing school. When I'm doing some sort of endurance exercising I drink watered-down Gatorade. This works especially well during runs, hikes, bike rides, etc. I make Gatorade in a water bottle about half strength and take sips every 10ish minutes and it keeps my blood sugar nice and steady, while also keeping me very hydrated.

Medic-Alert Hiding - I got this idea from my years as a cheerleader. When I go for a run or somewhere I don't want to wear a bracelet I hook my medic-alert bracelet on my sports bra strap. It's safe here, and will be found in an emergency, and doesn't annoy me as my arms are flailing about Phoebe style listening to Justin Bieber.

Breakfast Bolus - I've been square waving my breakfast bolus about 45 minute before I eat, for 30 minutes. This gets REALLY tricky and I warn you to be very careful. About 1 out of 20 times I end up low, but the other 19 It wards off a huge post-breakfast spike. (I also eat things fairly low carb and high protein, because breakfast hates me.) And I drink a lot of water before I eat. Hydration is key for me.

Tabs on the Ankle - This is the nerdiest one. I've been wearing an iPod holder on my ankle with one of those four-packs of glucose tabs and a tube of glucose gel in it when I run alone. It stays out of my way, and is easily accessible if I need it. It also looks wicked cool.

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Is watered-down Gatorade nasty?  Like, does it taste like a glass that had juice in it but then you drink the juice and then fill it back up with water without rinsing it first?  (I have done that with milk before, and it's horrible. /digression)


great ideas, maybe you could compose a list like Kerri did for the terms of endearment, I'd love to hear how other people keep diabetes on its best behavior too.

I really like the watered down Gatorade idea. I've been looking for something that i can use during long runs that will keep my sugar steady and won't spike it. I will have to try that one tomorrow.

Great tips! Thanks :)

Kerri - watered down gatorade is delicious, however, I don't like full strength drinks. I always put ice in my milk or juice - I tend to avoid anything pre-mixed. Watering down Gatorade doesn't really change the taste I think, it's just thinner (and usually warm by the time I drink it).

I have a second job in retail, and I have juice boxes stashed at my till, and others plus protien shakes and candy bars stashed in the fridge marked "Wendy's Blood Sugar Emergency Kit". The managers know it's there, and if the stuff I have at the till isn't doing the trick, they know to bring it to me.

To avoid that watered down Gatorade tase, I mix regular Powerade with PoweradeZero which is 0 carbs. My daughter prefers this, and keeps it in check during activities.

I can't envision the tab trick but would love to share it with my son - any chance you'd post a pic?

I stash my juice boxes inside a soap dish. That way, they can stay at the bottom of my bag and not get smushed and I don't have to deal with tabs, which bring me up way too high and way too fast.

I love these tips! These make my life better. For real. Thank you.

Like Kassie, I'd love to see a picture of the leg thing!

I wish I knew what the square combo is. Is it 50% at once, 45 minutes before eating + 50% distributed over the next 30 minutes? That's my best guess.

OK, maybe it’s a tip, maybe it isn’t, but I had to share this easy and tasty pancake recipe.


Process in mini blender: 2 eggs, half a cup of old-fashioned oatmeal, a quarter cup of low-fat cottage cheese, dash of vanilla extract and cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Cook batter like regular pancakes, over medium heat. Makes about (4) 5” pancakes.

Pour on Walden Farms Pancake Syrup which has no carbs or calories. It's been getting harder to find this syrup lately so when my sister found 8 bottles at Kroger over the weekend, she bought them all for me. Good for pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, etc. Any other “sugar-free” pancake syrup would add 16 to 24 carbs for 2 oz. of syrup.

I’ve been making these pancakes almost every day since I found the recipe a few weeks ago, love them. Don’t worry if you’re not a cottage cheese fan, you won’t know it’s in there.

Love it! Thanks for the tips! I particularly like the watered down Gatorade one. I think I should have a bottle ready for Caleb to take whenever he runs outside to play. We never seem to get that right!

Abby, thanks for the breakfast tip. Timing that bolus is always challenging for me. I'm going to try this out and see if I get any better results.

I recently started a higher basal rate from 7am to 10am. Just .25 higher for 3 hours but it does the trick! No more after breakfast highs.

Has anyone figured out why 50 grams of carbohydrates at 8am is somehow so radically differently from 50 grams of carbohydrates at noon? It makes no damn sense to me!

I am also despised by breakfast, and need to give myself a big bolus for a cheddar omelet to keep my BG steady, but found I always crashed around 3 hours later. I recently switched up my basal dose and split it between bedtime and morning, and find I can now eat bread without my previous crazy spikes.

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