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Totally Looks Like ... Hammer Edition.

"[Profile of a] dude with a mohawk, with a booger flying out of his nose."

Photo courtesy of Josiah Hammer.  Description courtesy of Josiah Hammer's strange brain.

TOTALLY looks like that.  And now I can't un-see it.  (Much like the giraffe, or the Arby's hat.)

Thanks to Josiah "The Hammer" Hammer, of Dexcom and Insulindependence fame, for texting me this photo of his Dexcom graph.  It's awesome!


And doesn't it just about qualify for a no-hitter except for booger? How appropriate.

AAAAAHHHHH!!! You're right. I totally didn't know what you were talking about and suddenly I saw it--and know I can't UNsee it!!

Yeah, but dang, he's having a good day.

Love knowing there are others that see weird things when we look at the Dexcom as well.
Have to make diabetes fun some how.

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