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Dear Birdzone the Clown,

(Yes, it seems like I just wrote you a monthly letter.  That's because I'm a lazy bum and I was way late on the last one, making this one seem early.  I'll be back on track next month. What do you mean, you don't care?  What do you mean, you're only two and you don't read blogs and you didn't notice and what's a blog and you need a diaper change?)

Kid, you're making me into a crazy person.  I find myself having conversations with you that I couldn't have predicted, not even if I was a hybrid of Tim Burton, Roald Dahl, and Neil Gaiman (ooh, that might be the best hybrid person ever).  The questions you ask me confuse my already-tangled mind:

"I can't find your butterfly wings.  Can you wear your bird hat, instead, and maybe put some pants on?"
"Do not lick the screen again; not until you've found the other pumpkin."
"The toilet doesn't eat poop."
"Trees aren't made of paper ... well, they kind of are.  Can I explain that later?"
"Please only put these crayons up your nose, not those."

I can't take this.  It's like every cartoon in my mind is coming to life and spilling out of my mouth.  You spend your days coloring paper bag puppets, making pretend salads for Siah (she's yet to try one), and dragging your Mickey Mouse doll all over creation.  You ask so many questions in the course of one sentence that you actually run out of breath, leaving the end bit to sound like, "... and where Abby go on vacation and mommy's car is black, right? and daddy's car is silver and ..." where you have to pause and gulp in a big gasp of air to finish the ten thousand thoughts you haven't yet purged.

Sometimes, you rock out so hard that I can't stop laughing at you:

Other times, your imagination is in full force, finding magic in its fledgling form.  We watched an episode of Sesame Street that showed your beloved Elmo playing a violin.

"I want to play violin, mama!"

I need to work on my cardboard skills, but they're coming along. By the time she's 23, I'll be able to make a spaceship.

While you and Daddy brushed your teeth for bed that night, I made you a quick violin out of a cardboard box, a Sharpie marker, and a pair of scissors.  And now, for the last few days, you've been dragging around this tattered "violin" everywhere you go.  Like today, when we went to the grocery store, and you offered to play the deli guy a "song on mine's violin and you give me the cheese?" 

Needless to say, that slice of cheese was hard-earned, as you pretended to drag your bow across the "violin" while Mommy hummed loudly beside you.

You are quickly leaving behind your days as "the little baby" and are becoming my friend.  We go to the beach together.  We make grocery lists together (though you repeatedly insist on "choc-it pun'ing," fearful that I'll neglect to grab your favorite snack).  We sometimes talk shit about the cats ("Tell Siah to stop picking the screen or she's going to have to eat green beans for dinner!"  "Yeah, green beans for the CAT - that's silly!").  And those moments when you laugh so hard that you double over and almost touch your toes are worth the moments when you're trying to stick test strips into my ears.  ("You hear the meh-cine, mama?")

You are the child of a dozen faces.  A hundred questions.  A thousand hugs and kisses.  And a million reasons that my life is best with you in it.  Mama loves you so much.  In first and in third person.

Your Mom


Okay since Leigh's engagement last week I'm an easy mark but: awwwwww..... and I meant to say: the Violin is pure brilliance. She kind of dances like Elaine, but in a good way. Oh and while a real violin could NEVER be as cool as that one you made (I mean that) somewhere in my house i have a real child's violin -- like a $600 type one (lauren played for a few year). Would you like to have it?

"Look it's Elmo on his violin..."

We love that episode. :) And I love the birdzone. And these updates.

That picture of her playing the violin is the most beautiful thing ever.

"song on mine's violin and you give me the cheese?" - That is hilarious! I love it, Birdzone!!

She's so adorable! And I love that she loves the violin (I played starting when I was 4!)!! So fun!! Enjoy every moment!

Find a Suzuki teacher. Age 3 is when teachers start wee violins. As a string teacher I can tell you if a child says I want to play ___ instrument, let them play. Good job with the cardboard violin. Now picture this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoWj2hfE5UQ

These letters never fail to make me cry.

I agree with Marie Smith. Please foster her adoration of violin. Some teachers will start age 3, most will start age 4. I began playing Suzuki violin at age 5. I've now been playing for 14 years, and have gotten some incredible experiences out of it. Suzuki is a method in which children learn by ear, and there is very heavy parental involvement.

and maybe take a look at this: one of the most renowned Suzuki teachers, playing Old McDurbin had a farm..... (this is a do not try at home thing.)

your daughter is a perfect fit for a "zumba for tots" instructor...=)

I can't decide who amazes me more. Birdzone or her awesome Mommy. Every time I read your monthly letters to her, I end up calling my own Mommy. Usually with tears in my eyes. She no longer panics when she hears my tearful voice once a month. :P

Thank you for sharing these tiny glimpses into heaven. :)

The cat lady says "happy 27 months Birdy" :)

Awwwww - I love everything about this!!!! :)

Her laughter at the end of the dancing video is priceless and contagious!


So precious! She is a dolly!
Having Kylee Ann and her sister Sara for almost 2 weeks in August! Can't wait!
Kylee is doing some of her site changes herself these days - she is as amazing as always!
So good to read your posts again - I have such fond memories of you - years ago and your calm assurance that our Kylee Ann would be just fine - one tough - albeit sugarfree cookie
xoxooxox Kerri

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