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Blows Me Away.

Sometimes it just blows my hair back ...

Like that commercial for the vibrator.  Because that's a normal thing to advertise on primetime television. 

... how a perfectly normal blood sugar can feel exactly like a miserable hypoglycemic episode.

Shaky, slightly sweaty, and a little dizzy.  But no low to be found.  WTF, diabetes? 

("Episode" always makes me think that lows should be more sit-com than drama, but they never have quite the same laugh track.)


That is such a frustrating feeling! I also hate when I feel miserably high and I'm not. The other day I felt over 300 high, but I was 110 (mg/dL).

Question is: How accurate is the number?

This often causes me a lot of anxiety. When I feel really low, but the meter and DexCom say otherwise, I start to doubt the technology and that can send you into a tailspin of emotions!

I came down from a 400 this morning. About 225 I started getting the shakes like I was 85. Silly-ass body.

I am Usually pretty good at recognizing a low, but what always gets me is when I'm feeling pretty good, no symptoms, and my meter beeps out a 400 range number.......
And it usually happens on the day I am trying to quit swearing !!
try try again =)

I can't level on the blood sugar, but I just wanted to say that your SUM laptop sticker is totally awesome. :]

Since I was a little girl, I was always taught to treat how I feel, not what the meter reads. Sad that we can't always trust technology.

Oh, I hate that! Same thing happened to me yesterday, but I was 76...

What always gets me is when I am in the low 60's and feel fine. Then after treating the low I feel like crap after I come back up to normal.

Yeh, sometimes I swear I'm in the 400's because I'm so tired and thirsty. And then I check and have a 110 or something and I'm surprised I'm actually just tired and thirsty. :)

This post is awesome (and so true...). I also agree about that commercial.... Love the blog! :)

When I'm really low, I know it. Sometimes I just know I'm off, not right, but whether the meter reflects high or low is a surprise to me.

I know this feeling. I agree with Melissa. How accurate is the meter? My Dexcom said 71 and falling. My finger said 159. But, I felt low. I treated as a low and felt better. I feel for you with readings like that. You're not alone.

This happens to me when my bg is falling fast. I test and have a normal #. Test again in 10-15 minutes when I still don't feel okay and it is low. Like the glucose level in my brain is signaling (feel the uncomfortable symptoms) low before the low reading shows on the meter. It's like there is a time lag.

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