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From Abby: Ballet Adventures.

While I reset my body clock after a week in California, Abby is sharing her tales of Swan Lake ... or some version of Sugar-Free Sea?  (Terrible joke, I know.  Forgive me. I'm jet-laggish.)

*   *   *
Diabetes is a huge part of my life. Eight hours of my day is spent thinking professionally about other peoples' diabetes, and the other 16 are spent trying to avoid thinking about my own. So when diabetes pops up in my life activities where I'd really it rather take a nap, things can get shaky.

I decided to take a ballet class this summer. I took ballet one year when I was five years old. I wore a pink tutu and danced to a song called "Pretty in Pink". I was also going through a series of head/skin surgeries, and remember that whole "balance not being my forte" thing? Needless to say, the American Ballet Company did not call my house. Going forward, I took dance classes on and off, jazz, tap, modern, Broadway - a smattering of not-serious but good exercise, with some time to relax hours here and there.

I love to dance. I am not very good at it. I don't care. An eight-week ballet program for beginner adults with nobody that I knew in the class was such a wonderful choice for me. And until week six diabetes stayed quiet.

Dexy and some ballet slippers. Abby's attempt at being artsy.

That changed. I wasn't wearing dexy (took a day off) and tested my BG at our break. 114mg/dL. I was 120ish before class started, so I took a few swigs of watered-down Gatorade and went back at my sad attempts at grace. But you know how if you don't act on a blood sugar with a Medtronic pump it beeps at you like three minutes later? Yeah, that happened. The whole class looked at me, quizzically.

"Oh, that was me. I just tested my blood sugar. But I'm fine. Carry on."

"Do you need us to stop?"

"Oh no, thanks though. I'm great!"

Then there was week seven. When a 63 mg/dL cropped up at half-time. Right before the weird waltzy-spinny-jump-like-a-cat sequence across the floor. I grabbed six glucose tabs and walked back into the room.

"I'm going to just sit this one out, my blood sugar is low" I said, with a mouthful of powdery glucose tab mush.

"Ok sure! Everyone else line up." said tiny teacher, in her abnormally peppy voice.

Again - end of conversation. Nobody even acknowledged what was going on. All the girls in the class probably have best friends and cousins with diabetes, which accounts for their nonchalance. I'm sure that's the case. Couldn't be that diabetes is getting a ton of press these days, thanks to a bunch of advocates. No way.

I'd say that this is an example of solid progress. People my age found out I have diabetes and they didn't even care. That is awesome. 

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I canNOT dance. I can't. Love this story though! :)

Oh ballet!! That's awesome that you took a class. I've been wanting to for years but I'm scared because I've never done and also am the most ungraceful woman out there. Hope you had lots of fun!!

I tried a zumba class recently, and there was NO ONE in my age group.
The instructor happened to be an ex cheerleader, who was extremely coodinated.
The other ladies were the athletic type (unlike myself)
I left with a mouthful of glucose tabs and a strained ankle.
Next time, it will be the "senior friendly" class, for me, for sure
live and learn =)

co Ordinated
coodinated does sound pretty funny, though

This story makes me smile! Hooray for public nonchalance!

Very inspiring, Ive started doing yoga and feel unco enough doing that. I can only imagine what Id be like at ballet, maybe I should try

I had a hands shaking 65 in an important meeting and the guy I was meeting with didn't even twitch an eyebrow when I tested and pulled out some cookies. Way cool.

Hi Kerri,

I emailed you about 1 month after my then 6 year old daughter - now 7, was diagnosed with Type 1. You were the first site I "bonded" with, because you gave/give me hope everyday. In my dreams I imagine my daughter handling her Diabetes the way you do.

I hear so many horror stories. You are the story I want to hear.

I still to this day check your site every day. You are my inspiration.

I wrote a story. I hesitate to call it a blog yet. I have only let 5 people read his so far.

I am sending this to you. I don't know where I am going to go with this. I just thought I should get something underway, or it would never happen.


I am not asking anything of you. You have been my cord through since diagnosis. I just wanted to share. :) Krista Key

P.S. I could not figure out how to simply email you :)

Ha, same here!
I'm dancing on and of since 13 years, mostly jazz dance and ballroom for the last 4 years. In my jazz class they just see me test and ignore me - unless I chomp on glucose and don't rejoin the group, than they ask if I was ok. And that's it! It's great. :-)
Sadly, I never had the chance to do an adult beginners ballet class. I'd totally go for it!

this may be silly, but I must know where you get the colorful skins for the dexcom! it's the little things, right?

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