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Glucolift: Worth Toting Around.

At the AADE conference in Indianapolis last week (more on that later), my left shoulder basically became dislocated due to the constant drag of my gigantic travel purse.  (It's a camera bag/toddler bag/diabetes bag/purse.  Which means that I could host a family of Sylvanian Family rabbits in there, and all of their accessories.)  This bag carried everything from my camera and iPad to my VerioIQ meter and stash of glucose tabs.

I love glucose tabs.  But not because they taste good.  Nope.  I love them because they are essentially indestructible.  They are the cockroaches of hypoglycemia treatment.  They resist the temptation of temperature, never melting in the heat and never freezing in the cold.  A nuclear blast could come rolling by and these suckers would remain potent.  As previously stated, if there were Diabetes Hunger Games, glucose tabs would be my district's tributes.

Trouble is, they usually taste like crap.  Which is why, this time, my massive bag at AADE was playing host to Glucolift glucose tabs.

I met Chris Angell, founder, fellow person with diabetes, and creator of Glucolift glucose tabs, a few weeks ago at the Children with Diabetes' "Friends for Life" conference.  He had a booth in the expo hall, which was co-manned by his father, so it was hard not to like them both immediately.  After some discussion by email, Chris offered to ship some samples to try out.

"I'll send you some tablets, but you have to promise to wait for a bona-fide low," he said. 

"Sure thing," I replied.

True to my word, I downed my first Glucolift tabs during a workout at the gym.  Being completely honest, I choked them down as quickly as I could without caring about how they tasted.  I cared about how they worked.  (And they worked like every other glucose tab I've tried - fast.)

But the second time I used them, I was at the edge of 70 mg/dL instead of 40 mg/dL, and I was able to pay attention to what I was doing.  No lie - the cherry glucose tabs are where it's at.  Wildberry doesn't hurt, either.  These Glucolift glucose tabs have a flavor palette that doesn't gross me out, which may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but it is.  After decades with "orange" and "purple," it's a pleasant change to have a flavor that's more than just a color.  (And these tabs don't have any 'genetically modified organisms,' which means they don't have any genetically engineered crops in them.  More info on that in the FAQ.)  While I don't like lows, I do like using a product to treat them that is as natural as possible.

Thanks, Chris, for creating something that does the hypo-fixing job and doesn't taste like garbage. And for letting me post this very flattering photo of us from the AADE conference. 

You can buy Glucolift on Amazon, or through their online store.  This post isn't sponsored by anything or anyone.  Except what's left of my brain.


Problem is if they are that good, they may not be around for when I really need them! Beauty of the awful ones (tropical are the worst) is that I know I didn't snack on them earlier, neither did my kids, so they will still be in my purse when I need them:) Regardless, thanks for letting us know about GlucoLift. I will probably give them a try.

Love the art deco lettering and 50s look! As well as the free travel tube. Orange creme? What more could someone want?

I've been wanting to try these for a while--their ads make me smile. Hey, I'd try them just for the ads. I don't actually dislike the taste of glucose tabs (except those orange ones Dex4 makes--I don't like those), but I'm never opposed to something that tastes better (or has few unpronounceable ingredients).

I may have tried these at the TCOYD - San Diego last November. I vaguely remember the packaging. I may have been in a low fog or on sensory overload from all the d-goodies. Anywho, thanks for the reminder. I better order some today!

I really hate glucose tabs, but the orange cream ones by Glucolift are definitely my preferred low treatment (follow Jelly Bellies). They don't taste so good as to make me want them when I'm not low (the problem with Jelly Bellies) but they are a HUGE improvement over the flavored chalk available at your local neighborhood pharmacy.

I've been eating these for over 1 year. Originally what attracted me to them was the NON-GMO corn used to make them and yes, they also taste great! For those of you that worry that they do not fit into the travel size holder, contact the company they have carriers that will fit their tabs, I just refill mine as needed.

Yumm! I'm so happy that there is a cherry flavor! I tend to not use glucose tabs because I grew up with orange and will not eat them. Grape is so-so...but cherry is my favorite flavor of anything. Well worth the high price!

So, it's OK that your insulin comes from a GMO, just not your sugar....

Scott - Apples and oranges, man. And by "oranges," I definitely mean the ones I used to practice injections on. :)

Bought some! Thanks.

Kendall LOVES the Wildberry and I've caught her trying to share with some friends. She smiles at me when she has a border line low BG and says almost excitedly "Glucose Tabs?!"

My favorite thing about them? Available on Amazon Prime. I can realize I have 1/2 a bottle left, order more and get them long before I'm out of stock.

I hadn't heard of these. Can't wait to try them but my mom said I have to finish the glucose tabs first. Orange cream - yum!

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