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Support for the Support Team.

I feel like, as the person in my family who has diabetes, that I have access to a lot of support.  But I wish there was more support for my support team, like my mom, husband, and daughter. This month's video on Insulivin' is about support for those who support us, the PWDs.

It's not a soloist journey; we're a big choir. 

(Beware of the impromptu ode to iced coffee after the credits.)



Thank you for this video. I think you are spot on with this video. I think the eye lids portion was great because during our tour of the DRI my mom and girlfriend both thought they were saying eye lids at first.

Also, I feel for my girlfriend because I know she always worries about me and has so many questions and she hears everything from me, but knows nobody else who is the spouse of somebody with diabetes and I think having that community would be so helpful for her.

Great video!

Thank you for posting this so much. I think sometimes as caregivers we feel either underappreciated or overwhelmed trying to be a support system for our diabetic sig other and that we don't have people to vent to outside of them.

Fortunately there are some diabetic wife blogs out there that are very supportive of eachother, but I do wish there was more.

Since I was diagnosed as an adult, after being married and living a few thousand miles from my immediate family, I've often wondered about the impact of this on them. It really falls more on my husband's shoulders than anyone else. I think it plays it cool with the worrying, but now I'll be asking him about it tonight :)

And....now I really want some iced coffee. Italy: land of some of the best coffee in the world, and none of it iced!!

I love your vlogs. Thank you for this one. I welcome your mom to the 'moms of D-kids' community. I totally need to hang with her and have her tell me how she raised such an awesome chick ;0)

I love this! Finding the "same" on the internet was a pleasent/much needed/sanity saving surprise for me. I wish my husband had it. The men,especially my husband, will often say they are fine and dont' need it. But I know for us...when we go to events, it's my husband who talks until he's blue. He needs the power of "same" too.

Nothing feels better than knowing we aren't alone. As a PWD, a CWD, and all the supporters in between!

Maybe we should get the hotdog husbands and the hamburger kids together (in the future of course)... I think about this a lot. I've been with my husband since before my diagnosis, and we've gone thru so much of it together... But you're right, he has little support in comparison to what I've found as a PWD and I don't think any of his friends completely understand... how could they?

God bless the PWD Supporters - may they find each other, like we have...

Siblings are a big one I worry about as well. My D-kiddo has 5 little siblings dealing with her diabetes, as well as other medical conditions of hers and of theirs. I especially worry about my 8 yo, who is sandwiched between his 11 year old autoimmune nightmare sister, and 6 year old bipolar brother. He's amazing, but I wonder what kind of emotions he bottles up, and I feel so much guilt for the weight he carries at only 8 years old.

Sibling workshops are a possibility, but I feel like often times they're geared at kids who's siblings are wheelchair-bound, or have cancer, and not a kid who's little brother throws a 2-hour tantrum at the drop of a hat, or who has to force his older sister to drink a juice box. A DOC style support group for the supporters would be AMAZING!
Great video once again!


Thanks for the post, I always love your vlogs!

My sister (also a T1) and I have attended the DiabetesSisters conference here in Raleigh, NC for two years now. This year, they featured a Partners Perspective Program for "Type 3's" (the partners of those of us who live with diabetes). It's only once a year, but my husband really enjoyed himself! Our support team absolutely needs more support!

Thanks for your caring heart. It's been almost a year since my son was diagnosed, and I really don't have anyone I hang with who has a clue about diabetes. But we're taking it in stride, and the online input really helps. I love this blog!

I could not agree more. Last year at FFL Pete got so much out of the session they held for spouses and significant others - it was the first time he had a place to talk with people who really understood because they were in the same position as him. And they all agreed at the start that anything said wouldn't leave the group, so it was "safe" for him to discuss any of the worries or stresses he might hide from me. (Although he wouldn't even tell me if he said anything or not!) I was extremely disappointed that they didn't do a session like that again this year . . . and so was he. I feel like it was something he really needs.

Kerri, once again you have explored a topic, that is usually not discussed , or under discussed. As a PWD's SO, there are times when I think no one understands what I do, or why I do it. Thank you for realizing how special your circle of love is, and how important they are to your success. I am always moved by your blog. I read it daily... Shout out to the type 3's ... COOL!

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