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The Friday Six: CreepyTown and Keeping Cool.

Hi!  I have links!  And exclamation points!  Which means it's time for a Friday Six

The Friday Six:  August 17, 2012 edition1.  I'm proud to be part of the latest JDRF Countdown magazine, with an article about keeping insulin and other diabetes supplies chilled out in the summer heat.  Click here to check out Keeping Cool: Climate Control for Type 1 Diabetes Management.

2.  It's on for the 2012 Celebrity Chef Sandwich Challenge (I didn't know this even existed until yesterday), and fellow person with diabetes Sam Talbot is up as a finalist.  If his recipe receives the most votes, the JDRF scores a ten thousand dollar donation.  It takes about four seconds to vote, so if you have four seconds handy, please give some clicks to Sam.  

3.  The team at the Diabetes Hands Foundation is gearing up for this year's Big Blue Test, and for 2012, there are five $10K grants up for grabs for US based 501c3 organizations, and $25K to two overseas non-profits.  For more details, check out this press release, and get ready to test, exercise, and test again to show the impact of exercise come October!

4.  Last weekend, Chris and I were lucky to catch a screening of DxONE at the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF), and it was inspiring to see diabetes represented on the big screen (and not in a way that referenced anyone named "Shelby.")  Dan Masucci and his son Nick have created a film showing diabetes as a disease that, despite being so invisible, penetrates every moment of every day, and deserves constant research and funding towards that elusive cure.  If you're able to catch a screening of this poignant short film, consider yourself lucky - it shook me right down to my non-functioning islets.

5.  "Yes, he IS crying, isn’t he? You are right. He’s probably hungry. Should I feed him? And if so, where do I put the food? His eyeball? His butt? What kinds of cuts of meat do babies like?"  I wish I wrote this:  Hello Stranger on the Street, Could You Please Tell Me How To Take Care Of My Baby?  Thankfully, someone far cleverer did, and it's one of the funniest things I've stumbled upon on McSweeney's in a while. 

6.  And if you spend too much time on Facebook after 11 pm, you'll see the most bizarre links fly by.  Case-in-point is this one from Faye (who made the Novolog cake pops I covet so much), which features a lovely wedding reception and a what the HELL is that?  (Click through and look in the balcony to see what I mean.  Completely creepytown.  Explanation here, but don't cheat!)

Have an excellent weekend, and try not to get nightmares from that last picture. 


When does that movie go into wide spread distribution?

Or how can I get my hands on a digital copy asap?

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