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The world is yours to figure out, and you're making leaps and bounds every day.  No longer my baby but now a kid with the highest, squeakiest little voice I've ever heard, I watch every day as you make sense of this existence. 

You have learned that when I make airplane noises with your fork or spoon, it encourages you to take a bite of those slightly off-putting peas, or maybe a mouthful of chicken.  But you've taken to making airplane noises of your own to make ME take a bite of those same gross peas.  I can't say no when you're careening the fork towards my face, making your best "raaaaaarrr!" airplane noise.

We're done with that crib - "Cribs are for babies, okay, mama?  I'm a big girl, only I'm still little but getting BIGGER." - and you're in a bed that doesn't keep you contained.  Which means we have gone through that awkward "stay in bed" transition, where Mom and Dad need to trick you into staying in bed at night.  There's a routine in play that I love with my whole heart:  I climb into your bed and we snuggle, recapping what we did that day and talking about what we want to do tomorrow.  And Daddy is on the floor, resting on a Thomas the Tank Engine pillow, listening to us ramble on.  I go to leave - "Goodnight - I love you!" - and you ask, "Daddy stay for two more minutes?"  Which he always does, because your little finger is where he lives, all wrapped around.

You have some semblance of what your mom and dad do to earn their keep around this house, only it's kind of confusing because most of these tasks seem to live inside of the computer.  (Or, as you call it, "the 'puter.") You know he and I both write things for a living, and that you'd like to also write.  "I like ALL the letters, mama."

The Dexcom is your new favorite plaything.  "Oh, your DEXCOM!"  You like to yell that particular word, probably because the thing is always yelling at me.  (My blood sugar threshold alarms are set at 60 and 160 mg/dL, so around an hour or so after I eat, I hear the BEEEEEP!  At which point you run and grab the receiver, then bring it to me, and tell me, "Time to checka meh-cine?  Okay!")  My "diabeedles" is something you're not highly concerned with, but you always give me a strange look when I test my blood sugar and then lick my finger.  "Taste yummy?  Or yucky?"  And at the beach this week, you noticed my sensor was peeling off.  "That come off soon."  When it did yawn off, later in the day, you nodded with vigor.  "Told you!"

Everything is so new, and you greet the day with an unrivaled level of amazement.  The clothes coming out of the dryer, all clean and fresh, amaze you.  The tree outside with the pears growing on it amazes you.  Flying kites in the windy sky amazes you. 

And you take the world in, marveling at every little inch of it, not noticing that your mom and dad are doing the same to you.

All my love,


That video.... lovelovelove

Love it! So precious! They grow up WAY too fast! My little one is 18 months today! :)

This is so beautiful, Kerri. Just so frickin' beautiful!

I smiled through the whole post. Thanks for sharing your lives with her, with us. You've got a neat kid!

Thank you for sharing! This is so adorable. I hope one day if I have kids, I can document their precious moments as you do.

Sooooo Cute!!!

Kerri, I know you call her Birdy in order to keep your family's privacy, but do you ever really call her Birdy? Because she is the cutest little baby bird around!

SO Stinking CUTE!!! Love the Diabeedles. I can't believe how big she's getting... it goes so fast, doesn't it?

Birdy is just too cute--and smart [really, I don't even know what my dad does, and I'm 21. It's not movies or diabeedles though ;)].

I love the monthly letter posts. Please never stop. :] [The numbers may start getting hard to fit in an acceptably sized title though ;)]

Deb - We call her Birdy all the time. We also call her "birdzone." She's a tolerant little one, thankfully. :)

She is soooooo adorable, Kerri!!

Diabeedles--LOVE it.

Oh, your post brings me back! I am so happy you are getting it all down on paper(well, kind of paper) and videos! She is AMAZING!

Thank you so much for sharing this! What a doll! I love diabeedles :)

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post & video. She is adorable.
Drs and people always try to scare me off having kids because "you have diabetes."
Every time i watch your vids or read your blog, I smile and think, IT IS POSSIBLE.
I really hope one day when i have kids, I get to share our precious moments like you do!

A family of three writers?! Can we handle that? Although if she is going to write about "paper" I don't know how many readers she'll have ;)

Once again, she steals my heart & I've never even met her. Give her a high five for me because I like ALL the letters too. :)

Thanks for sharing! Also, I feel happier knowing that I don't have diabetes, but diabeedles. I like that. :)

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