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26 Years with Type 1.

Last night at the gym, I ran as hard as I could, and as fast as I could.  Not the hardest and the fastest of anyone in there, but it was the best I could do.  My legs moved, my arms moved, my ponytail flashed behind me and I felt alive, alive, alive with this strange understanding that "forever" felt tangible and raw.

And with every step, the same sentence ran through my head.  "You can't catch me.  You can't catch me."

I've had type 1 diabetes for twenty-six years today.  Last week, I felt like it might have been a few steps ahead of me.  Yesterday, it was nipping at my heels.  But today, it's so far behind me that even when it hollers, I can't hear it.  Not over the sound of my daughter's laughter or the feeling of my family's love.

Not today, diabetes.

You can't catch me.

(This is all still trueJust add a year or two.)


Happy 26 years. And to think the only complication you have is sarcasm. Who knew there was such a thing as diabetes induced sarcasm. That is until I met you! :-p
Pretty much kidding, I think.

Congrats Kerri! Keep on running.

This legitimately made me sob. Happy diaversary Kerri, and good on ya for kicking d's arse for 26 years. You are my hero and I'm blessed to call you my friend.

CONGRATULATION on 26 years!!! At the end of October it will be 30 for me. Let's both keep up the great work of leaving diabetes in the dust.

Happy diaversary Kerri! :)

I love this post Kerri... Excellent it is! Congrats, and keep in running. :)

This December will be 12 for me. You are my daily inspiration. Thank you for being the most amazing diabetic advocate for so many but mostly for me. ;-) Not sure how I would do it without you!

Keep running :)

Keep kicking that D-1 bootie.

You rock times infinity.


Reading about your 26 years, and your day-to-day life gives this mom hope for my little girl. Thank you for your words.

T1 son was diagnosed 15 years ago at age 7. Have to say that for the past 2 years we've totally forgotten the anniversary date until a few days later. T1 has been part of our lives for so long now that we barely remember the time without it!

Happy Diaversary my friend!!

Happy diaversary! I wish for you many many more healthy and happy years ahead.

thank you for your post! My little one is only 3 and he was dx at 11 months so seeing how great you are 26 years later makes a tired moms heart happy!

Happy Diaversary!!! :)

Keep running Kerri, I have slowed down a lot. You may catch up and pass me! I will have my 75 year medal in 8 years, if you don't get there first!! Lol


Happy day to another successful Diabetic!! January will be 45 yrs for me; I was dx'd at age 11 months... and I too am still running! :-)

You. Rock!!!!

You are an inspiration to all of us. Chris & BSparl are lucky to have you.

Happy diaversary Kerri!

I will be marking 10 years in less than 5 months. My D still feels like a baby but I feel like I need to celebrate BIG.

You're such an inspiration friend, and I'm so thankful you came into my life!

Thank You Karri...You are an awesome inspiration to me as I try to help my 11 year old precious grand daughter live a normal and healthy life. She was diagnosed at 9. She is awesome!

Congratulations and happy Diaversary!!!! It will be 41 years for me in Janurary. I have those same kind of days

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