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Living in Perfect Harmony.

WHAT?  Is that actual BUTTER in my butter compartment?

Insulin, in its sort-of natural habitat. 


ahh...buttering up to your insulin. Love it!

Excellent. We were somehow blessed with two butter holders in our fridge, so the butter gets its own, and the other is overflowing with insulin (all non-expired insulin gets hoarded for doomsday prep)

Ha! This is where I keep my insulin, too! Makes perfect sense to me.

After 25 years of type one, I have transitioned to having a very small frig in my bedroom closet. Insulin and Victoza as well as water bottles reside there. The butter compartment is good but having it so close in my room is even better. Sometimes it is the small things that make life with diabetes a little more tolerable.

At the moment, there are little bottles of 'coping skills' next to Bean's insulin in the butter compartment. She gets what she needs and so do I!! ;)

My humalog lives in the butter compartment too! :)

Here, here!!! Love it, I do the same thing and my wife thinks I'm nuts for it!


Joe's insulin is in the shelf right under the butter compartment. Need lots o' room for my butter. Apparently.

Our butter was evicted as well! :)

Denise gets points for the best butter compartment! :D

My butter is on the shelf under the butter compartment with my back-up insulin supply.

My entire butter compartment is full of insulin. I've always kept it there. I had to stockpile it before my Cobra ran out.

Haha... That's where we keep my son's insulin as well. I keep the butter in the bottom drawer!

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