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The crayons had been broken into gnarled bits, still functional but different from the ones fresh out of the box.  Even her small hands were too clumsy to grip the chunks of wax.

"New crayons, mama?"  She took the cupcake pan from the cupboard, alluding to the show we'd watched a few weeks earlier about the boy who melted down his old crayons to make new crayons.  We sat on the kitchen floor and peeled the wrappers from dozens of mangled crayons, letting her decide which color combinations should be melted down and brought together in the metal cups.

This.  Is.  ART-A!!!!

The heat of the oven melted the crayons down into something simpler, twelve melted pools of colored wax and toddler fingerprints.  And once they were done, and cooled, they spilled onto the counter.  A dozen discs that were a little different from the other crayons, but that colored just the same.

"These are my new crayons, right?  We ... we remaked them."

"Rebuilt.  We rebuilt them, Birdy."


We are just as good as the crayons that are fresh out of the box.  :)

They don't color exactly like the old crayons - sometimes a rogue spot of orange shows up when you expected blue.  

"They're not the same as the other crayons, Birdy.  But they still work.  They still color and work fine, right?"

"Right.  I love my new crayons.  We made them in the oven."  She paused to grab one of the discs and laughed when the seemingly red crayon colored her elephant picture in purple.  "My new crayons is just right.  Rebuilded."



Hey if you have a bionic pancreas she should have "Steve Austin" crayons.

I can't wait to get home and make these! Too cute.

Okay, now I just wanna go buy a box of crayons and smash them just to do this. Might make them easier for Kip to hold and color with! :-)

hehe, awesome

What a great idea! I still remember the Mr. Roger's episode when he went to a crayon factory. I was enthralled!

wonder if you could put a clear,vinyl sealer on those for memento paper weights...
cool !

I might have to steal all the broken crayon pieces from work for rebuilding purposes. :]

I agree with Sarah, now I want to go to Target and buy a 96 pack of crayons!

Hey, kinda sounds like us with our mechanical pancreases!! They aren't the same as our real ones, but they still work. (Kind of . . . mostly . . . well, they keep us alive and well, so that's what counts!!) Yay for rebuilded crayons and rebuilded pancreases.

She's just so cute & sweet that it bring tears to my eyes every time I read about her. :)

"My new crayons is just right. Rebuilded."


Baking... without carbs!I love it!

Kate -

I remember that episode too! The crayons coming off the line without the wrappers. I can still picture it!

Crayola has a toy/machine that rebuilds the crayons like that but your way sounds like more fun.

This was a great post! thank you fro sharing it!! I cant wait to teach my 3 year old about rebuilding crayons!!

My mother did this same thing to all of my crayons, many, many moons ago. I am overwhelming full of nostalgia right now.

Awww! I did this all the time with my older two! I just realized my little kids don't know it! Thanks for reminding me of it Kerri and Bird :)

what temp did you bake them and for how long? can't wait to do this!

Such a great idea! Love reading posts about Birdie :)

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