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Wordless Wednesday: 12 Hours.

So am I allowed to use words in the alt text?  Yes, I will.  This photo is proof that my basal rates are set decently, because after long hours of traveling and zero access to proper food, I rolled out alright. Except that low bit at the end.
Who now has a 42 inch tube, two thumbs, and is happy to be reunited with her pump?

This girl.


Jealous of your Dexcom graph. Though I just took a look at mine and it looks similar! Good for us! Gotta love technology, especially after a break from it.

OMG... and I just totally LOL'd when I saw the caption for the alt text. Sneaky girl.

Awesome! I went on the pump over two years ago, and can not even think about a pump break yet. I think I have gotten lazy in terms of calculations, IOB, etc.

Nice numbers! Way to go!

Being off the pump always gives me a new appreciation!

When these don't look like a cowboy hat or giraffe, I don't know what to think. Does this show BG btw. 75 + 150 for a lonnnnnng time? I am happy for you.

Alt text CHEATER!!

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