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Diabetes Grab Bag.

My glucose meter bag used to be the one the meter came in - black, boring, and exactly the size for the meter ONLY.  As my needs have changed/expanded over the years, I realized I wanted more of a diabetes grab bag than a meter case, something that had all the necessary accoutrements for some of my daily diabetes duties.  Which prompted me to buy a random bag and cram it full of supplies.

So what fits, exactly, into a small polka-dotted carrying case?

My diabetes grab bag.  On a hotel desk.  Because I don't live at home anymore.
  1. This is the case itself.  It's a make-up bag I bought at Target a few years ago, and the colors were bright enough so that I can fish it out of even my biggest purse.  (Which, if you've met me, is gigantic.  I hide medium-sized hedgehogs in it.)
  2. I keep an insulin pen with me at all times, because I never know if/when my pump will break/I'll leave the house with a less-than-full reservoir/etc.
  3. Oh hey, Delica lancing device!  I like you.  You're nice to my fingertips.
  4. Some spare lancets, because I actually change them now.  Daily.  I know.  I've lost my PWD street cred.
  5. The One Touch VerioIQ meter.  It's my weapon of choice.
  6. This is the smallest pile yet of dead test strips.  Usually, they spill out of the bag when I unzip it, and for whatever reason, I shove them all back in.  I'm a pack rat when it comes to the grossest things.
  7. A quarter for changing out an insulin pump battery.
  8. And here's the AA battery.
  9. Good ol' bottle of test strips.
  10. Lip gloss.  It's not diabetes-related, but it's always in there, so I'm counting it.
  11. Insulin pen needle tips. 

This doesn't count the jar of glucose tabs rolling around in purse every day, or the spare infusion set pod thingy.  Diabetes doesn't travel light ... or maybe I'm just over-prepared?  Possibly.  I have nightmares of being stuck in a subway car and having to eat a fellow passenger due to hypoglycemia (completely by-passing the possibility that they might have Lifesavers in their pocket).  Either way, I'm developing a definitive slope to my shoulders due to all of this stuff, and fast-becoming a potential cannibal.

Digression.  Whoa.

What's in your diabetes grab bag?


Mine is VERY similar, except I carry a syringe! I also switched to the Verio this weekend, and the Delica is my new favourite poker. I now have a spare just in case.

Also, you haven't lost your PWD street cred. You may just get called on in a few years when all of us are complaining about how we can't feel anything due to being overly calloused ;)

And now I'm going to post my own to answer your question :)

not over-prepared! just right. I'm going to copy. my giant kit needs a quarter.

I used to have a Target bag, but now I use a little knockoff Vera Bradley my husband brought home for me.

In my bag is a glucagon, insulin pen, 3 syrenge tips, finger pricker, meter, tube of glucose tabs, and test strips.

Ah, packing. Have you guys heard of Nat Strand??


Try packing 1 month worth of clothes, personal items & diabetes supplies in 1 backpack!

I carry my stuff in a Myabetic wallet.

*Two kinds of insulin (vial of Lantus & pen of Humalog).
*Bayer USB Meter
*Poker that came with the meter
*Pen needles
*A couple 1cc syringes
*Little band-aids (so if I get a bleeder I don't ruin my clothes)
*Needle nipper--cuts off the needle part of a syringe or pen needle. I LOVE this thing!
*Alcohol swabs

Being T2, I don't get as many lows. But I usually have something in my purse, just in case. My problem is that on top of the fuzzy brain syndrome, I have a panic attack during lows which makes me forget that I have something close by to treat it. Blech.

Before I forget, this could be a great way to use those bags that come with the "gift with purchase" sets when you buy makeup at a department store! I must have 15-20 of those lying around from Clinique, Lancome & Estee Lauder...

As much as I dislike the ugly shiny black blahness of the standard meter case, I liked the way it kept my stuff organized. So I got myself a Myabetic meter case. Has all the same organizational features of a meter case, but looks like a shiny red wallet. :D I keep my animas meter remote, spare lancets, fastclix lancet, spare pump battery, and test strips, my college id, print out of my insurance cards, and one of those "Hi, I have diabetes, so please check my BG before assuming that I'm drunk" cards.

I just carry my stuff in the ugly bag that my OneTouch UltraLink came in. I keep an extra battery and a nickel. I can't wait til MM sends out the new Bayer meters. They are so much smaller! Hello, cute tinier purses!

Kerri! An empty strip container with a "USED" label taped to the outside ... no more stray strip clutter! It's a tiny extra step (ie. putting the used strip in the container), but probably faster than cramming all the dead ones back in by the handful. ;-)

My bag is very similar to yours - I am starting the pump in 2 days and will keep in mind to carry my syringe and pen tips as well. I also keep glucagon in my huge purse, I store it in a travelling toothpaste case with a big label on it.

I tend to think "worse case scenario" and my giant purse shows it.
In addition to my standard "diabetes" bag , with lancets, insulin pen, alcohol pads, etc. etc) ( I also use an empty glucose tab plastic screw top bottle to put all of the "used" strips and lancets in, marked with a sharpie in bold lettering,"USED") that fits into my monster purse, I carry a juice box, at least 2 granola bars, glucose tabs,sliced apples in a plastic container , and that's just when I 'm running errands.......=)
If I'm traveling long distances, I usually double that.
Needless to say, I am a little neurotic about going too low while out and about.

To Go Kit...hmmm, I guess I should have one after being a diabetic for 25 years (a few of those years w/out being on insulin.) This post woke me up and made me realize I've become lazy (I do carry extra pump batteries and some form of help if my blood sugar dips, but even the small glucase tab case is empty and needs a refill from the big bottle a home.) So I have a few questions from reading teh above comments. Tell me about myabetic? I never heard of them...I looked at the site and the cases (wallets) look good...does anyone have a favorite? can you actually fit anything into the "mini" one? Please feel free to email replies if you want with a "diabetic support buddy" in subject header or I may miss it - email is jennie at verizon dot net. Thanks!

I have tried so many different bags trying to find the perfect one…don't even get me started on purses.

I can get rid of the quarter for you…the metal clip on the Animas pump is the perfect size for changing out the battery. :)

They definitely need to redo the meter bag. Those things are so uncool, and don't even really have space to store a tube of g-tabs in it. In the purse there's a tube of glucose tabs, possibly a granola bar, meter, syringe, old bottle of insulin, battery, and the assorted pile of old test strips. If I'm gone for a whole day far from home, there's also going to be a pump site change in there too. I wonder how guys travel without purses.

*meter (one touch)
*my pricker
*alcohol pads (optional)
*spare meter battery
*triple-a battery
*coin to change my pump battery
*spare site
*ziploc baggie for testrip garbage
*chap stick
*glucose tabs
*1-3 juice boxes
*granola bar (usually)
*spare money/change in case of low blood sugar
*Big Red (commonly referred to as a Glucagon Kit)
*cell phone (i cant handle having a pump in one pocket and and a bid ol' android in the other)

and this is my bigger bag. it's vera bradely... those purses are actually quite perfect, atleast for a teenage girl....

My meter is about 8 years old... one touch ultra. I do have the delica but I think i've blunted the lancet to "normal-lancet" status. also I carry a couple of IV prep pads, an extra infusion set, a syringe, juice, cheese crackers, vial of humalog since this little baby has started sucking me dry of insulin much more quickly than I'm used to!

I like that long & skinny bag. Haven't been able to find one with proportions quite like that, but it seems well suited for the insulin pen et alia.

On a side note: Before you eat that fellow passenger, do bear in mind that they'd be more a source of protein than carbs, wouldn't they? Those lifesavers are bound to do more for your hypoglycemia anyway. ;-)

My type 1 boy and I looked this over carefully. He grunted when I showed him the pile of used test strips. "Uh, yeah, I kinda do that too..." lol!

The cannibal reference brought back memories of my sister asking traveling strangers on mass transit for a candy bar after forgetting her glucose tabs at home. Maybe I'll send her this post...Thanks!

I just found your blog today and love it! I tried to email you, but my computer is trying to force me to use Microsoft Outlook, which I don't have set up. If you have a solution, or can give your email address otherwise, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

I just found your blog on an old post on Hive Health Media. It described your story about being the wife of a personal trainer who has Type 1 Diabetes. I am also a personal trainer, and I have a client (who has been with me 4 years) who also has Type 1 Diabetes. To answer your question, what I have noticed in her bag is her meter, lancets, tissue paper (to stop the bleeding!), some tablets (glucose? dextrose?)that deliver a quick dose of sugar to raise her blood sugar level. I'm looking forward to perusing your blog.

I'm pretty sure I've seen a large-sized hedgehog in your purse . . . .

I carry meter, spare strips, lancet, extra batteries, and stuff for a complete site change. What I DON'T carry, oddly enough, is extra insulin. Mostly because it will spoil in the summer (at least I think that was my rationale). I'm going to throw a new bottle and some syringes in now. Thanks for making me think of how stupid it is to be out and about without extra insulin.

You should definitely have a look at myabetic website very functional and pretty bagsjustfor you. I bought oneafew months ago and cant wait until I_ can buy a second. d verygood qualityandthere are some for kids too. Everything is planned. H

I think of my whole purse as my grab bag...

-Omnipod meter
-Test strip container tied to my lancet thingy w/ a rubber band
-Glucose tabs and one or two packets of fruit snacks
-Dexcom meter

-The black case that the Omipod came with to store backups of:
-Insulin vial (unless I'm in a hot climate...But I live in Seattle so it's usually not a problem)
-Test strips
-Alcohol wipes
-Tissue to wipe blood

I also keep an extra pod, test strips and glucose tabs at my two job sites (those are the most likely things I may run out of/forget/really need).

I don't think we are overly prepared. It enables more freedom (in a strange way), safety and peace of mind. Though, I do enjoy the occasional "rebel" walk to my nearby coffee shop with just cash and keys in pocket.

I give props to those that have a plastic baggie for used strips...those are also scattered around my purse! (and apartment, boyfriend's car, and so forth...)

A few years ago, I bumped into a Meter Rep from Freestyle and he gave me an awesome hard shell case. It held everything perfectly. Last week, the zipper broke, and now I carry the broken zipper case in a blue ziploc bad. Classy eh?! Inside are 2 vials of insulin (Lantus and Apidra, 5 syringes (I'm still old school!), test strips a meter, finger clicker and a red crayon. I have no idea how the red crayon got there... but I think my 3 yar old had something to do with it! haha

We have IDENTICAL grab bag contents! lol

Such a good post.

As I read,
Diabetes supplies suitable for clutch include:
• blood glucose monitor
• lancets
• pricker
• alcohol swabs
• syringes
• strips
• insulin
• insulin pen
• pump supplies
• batteries
• glucagons kit
• pills etc.

There are some bags which are designed for peoples having diabetes.

A doctor friend once commented, after he watched all my D stuff spill out, that I had a mini emergency room in my bag!!!

Haha.. I laughed out loud when I saw your pile of used test strips. For some reason, I will toss them in my bag even when I am sitting next to a trash can! And most close friends and family members would automatically know where to find my DNA if needed.. I usually wipe excess blood on the inside of my bag (only small amounts).

I know, have the same grab bag contents :-)

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