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Even the Fridge.

Diabetes is pervasive in my household, from the sharps container in the laundry room to the small cache of used test strips littering the floor near the garbage can (so close, yet so far).

Even the refrigerator is in on it:

For real?  Yes, for real.  Fo' realz.

Yes, little doggie who commands the alphabet.  I'm always thinking about my A1c.


Any news on the Vibe now that the new Dexcom has been approved?

Or, it's a reminder to pick up more alcohol...

How does the doggie pronounce that little word?

P.S. My niece and nephew LOVED that thing when they were little.

I agree with the alcohol suggestion. :)

I know exactly where you're coming from! My 2 year old has a set of face cloths with "ABC" written on them. But the B is in yellow and isn't very visible, so when I glanced at the cloth as I picked it up the other day, I read "A1C" instead of ABC. I caught the same 2yo wandering around last week with a used test strip sticking out of her mouth. Nice. The hazards of living with D... :)

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