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Portion Control.

Portion sizes/control is something that diabetes has made me hyper-aware of, both in terms of carb-counting accuracy and weight management.  I know that a bowl of anything served in a restaurant is most likely supersized when compared to actual, recommended intake. 

Which is why the lunch at today's Digital Pharma conference is cracking me up.  Because while grilled cheese and soup wouldn't ever be my first choice at home, at least it's the most wee ickle sandwich/soup combo EVER. 

I also had a strawberry that was shoved inside of a thimble.  Cute!

(Test strip bottle is in there for perspective; I didn't eat my test strips.  But I might later, when I get hungry.) 


I didn't even know they made soup mugs that small! ;)

micro-sandwich and demitasse of soup?

Talk about a 'light lunch'!

portion control for what, a hamster?

A really small hamster. :)

Oh dear dog! That is too funny. Thanks for sharing!!
Did they give you the calorie/carb count?? was there some goal they had in mind... when you serve soup in an espresso cup, there has GOT to be a reason (IMO espresso cups aren't even big enough for espresso!)

I would've asked why they forgot to give me the other half of my sandwich ;)

I'm glad you said that you inserted the strips for perspective, lol. I thought that was a "check, don't guess" statement.

...and I honestly thought the soup was a cup of coffee at first.

Seriously, couldn't they at least use whole grain bread?

Bwaa ahha hhhahhhhaa haa!!!!

I thought as well about espresso cups. Which led me to thinking about coffee portion sizes. Which I (involuntarily) control because at my office a "lungo" is exactly 3.71954 ounces.


Oh! That's soup! I thought it was coffee...and then I thought I could NEVER stick to that serving size of coffee:)

You shoulda had a contest to see who guessed the right amount of carbs on that one. I'm guessing, um, eight? (Let's see, thimble of soup, hmmm, that's probably two…)

And then they brought out the real lunch?

Ordering off a children's menu?

I'll have a test strip vial of soup, a Dexcom-sized sandwich, and a 180 unit reservoir of coffee. Please don't forget the coffee!

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