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Trying to keep up with the #NDAMPhotoADay challenge from 38,000 feet.  I had to do a twofer today, since it's been a hectic travel day (en route to Melbourne, Australia right now to hang out with some of the very fabulous Aussie crew for World Diabetes Day next wek), so these photos are lit by the laptop.  Romantic?  Ish.

Options other than invasive testing?  Not many.

(and I do have an appreciation for the word "command" highlighted behind this meter shot, because these blood sugar checks do command my attention)

It was really hard to find enough light for these photos, without waking up the whole plane.  I mean, I'm awake.  And hopefully the pilots are, too.

(the teeny tubes of GlucoLift fit better in my laptop bag than the bigger jars ... which are tucked into my carry-on luggage)

And are you on Instagram?  I'm following most of the #ndamphotoaday postings over there.  My profile is here, and you can find lots of other PWDs by stalking all the photos of glucose meters and Skittles strewn about haphazardly post-hypo. Party time!

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