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Diabetes Month: T1D For a Day.

It's November 1st, which means Diabetes Month starts TODAY.  Which also means that PR initiatives start pouring into my inbox today (often times starting with "Are you aware that diabetes is a serious, life-threatening disease?" to which I respond, "Do tell?").  But I appreciate any efforts to raise awareness for diabetes, both type 1 and type 2 (and LADA and MODY and gestational - the list gets longer with every decade) because I've been living with type 1 diabetes for twenty-six years.  We have some great treatment options, advocacy program, and advancements, but we can do better.

I wish my nails were that nice.  And that my phone was that clean.  Sadly, I'm 0 for 2.To that end, I wanted to support the Be T1D for a Day initiative from the JDRF because I think it's a really clever, really insightful way to give a non-PWD a glimpse into life as a person with diabetes.  Here's the gist, from the JDRF website:

"When you sign up for the T1D for a Day text challenge, you agree to receive as many as 24 text messages over a 24-hour period that simulate the constant blood sugar testing, insulin injections, and dietary decisions that confront people with T1D."

It sounds like it might not be a big deal or too insightful, but it is.  It's a way for someone without diabetes to have an idea of how pervasive type 1 diabetes is during the course of one day.  From testing blood sugars to calculating insulin doses, and negotiating food options, working in some exercise, making sense of numbers that don't match your goals ... and then all the emotional stuff in between these moments?  That's a lot of diabetes tapping into your day.  This exercise, constructed by the JDRF, brings that message home. Or, as they state on their site, "While no virtual campaign can recreate the many needles required or the physical and financial tolls of this serious disease, T1D for a Day seeks to deepen understanding of the many heroic steps our friends and loved ones with T1D take each day."

To sign up for T1D for a Day, text T1D4ADAY to 63566. You will receive a confirmation text that will cycle you through registration.  Or you can click through here to sign up through the web. 

Thanks to everyone who supports PWD every day, by being our friends, loved ones, and family (sometimes all three).  Type 1 diabetes can get a little heavy, and it helps to have so many hands to help lift us up.


This is so neat! I've already passed this on to a couple friends and family members to do. I think I'm going to give it a try too. I'll probably be surprised at how easy it is for me to forget to be on top of this as much as I should be!

this is a fab idea! sadly only for folk in the US - JDRF in the UK don't seem to have anything similar... but sunch a good idea

I'm T2 but I signed up anyway. I just wanted to participate and lend support.

"Type 1 diabetes can get a little heavy, and it helps to have so many hands to help lift us up."

So well said, Kerri! I'm so grateful for the amazing people in my life that help lift me up!!

A few of my friends signed up for this and have been texting me today saying they never understood how hard it really was until now. Kuddos to the JDRF marketing/PR campaign!!

I think its the best diabetes relates awareness campaign Ive seen in years
Pity you cant also introduce the hypo wooziness I sometimes get

Love this!

I am now T2,but years ago had a bout of hypoglycemia, so I have experienced some of the trials people with T1 face every day. Thankfully, I am not insulin dependent, but I have so may friends who are and I definitely appreciate what an all encompassing disease this is!

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