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Flying Pump.

I keep my headphones plugged into my phone to provide some music during my workout, and the phone stays on the shelf on the treadmill (along with my glucose tabs, CGM, and my insulin pump) ... that is, until I accidentally grab the headphones wire while I'm running and the phone goes flying and I lunge for it and then the pump comes loose and I become a robot octopus with wayward limbs.

Awkward exercise - I'm all over it.


I've done that before! These days I use an Amphipod belt (http://www.amphipod.com/) that is pretty handy. I clip the pump to the outside and can stick carbs,ipods, phones, salt pills, New Zealand greenstone manna, etc. in the pockets. I use a binder clip on the front pocket to belay the pump tube and headphone cord neatly so I'm reasonably safe. *knock on wood*

You got a G4! In black!

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