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I'm making an attempt at the National Diabetes Awareness Month "photo a day" challenge issued to the DOC at large. (Here's a link to the full photo challenge, if you want to jump in!)

So far, this represents #struggle, #prescription, and #fingers. 

Join in!!  Hashtag is #NDAMphotoaday and then whatever the prompt is for the day.  And for more on the origin of 30 day challenge-type online things, check out this Know Your Meme link.


As crazy as it seems I was glad to see this CBG number. I always see your pictures of the lows and I get some sort of perverse pleasure from seeing the opposite. Then I thought about the post from the day before and if that is all you had your A1C would be 5% and you would burp rainbows. Thanks for being real!

Here's another great one for all the people in the lives of us PWDs. I signed up for it and invited all my Facebook friends to increase their awareness of what we go through on a typical day. The JDRF is sending the person who signs up text messages throughout 1 day (up to 24 in all). They are calling it "T1D4ADAY", which I think is pretty clever. Here's the link:
Everyone should pass this on to all of their friends/family and INCREASE THE AWARENESS!

Your fingers made me cry. My girl is 10 and only seven months into T1D. I caress her little fingers and still her arms when she slumbers (though she is now pumping for almost two weeks) knowing they will soon bear the external hardship of this disease. I am ever thankful for the digital support and information. We'd be so alone otherwise - no one 'gets' T1D other than those living with it. Thanks so much.

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