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2013: Balance.

I resolve to avoid resolutions, because I'm complete crap at keeping them and I lose track of what I've resolved to do in the first place (unless I write it down), which exemplifies why I need to make an exception this year and make one, eensy resolution. 

I need balance.

Oh holy hell, do I need balance.

I can't properly explain how disorganized my world has become since making the leap to self-employment.  I'd imagine that the inside of my brain looks like our kitchen table, which is overflowing with mail, paperwork that needs to be sorted, and the rogue Thomas the Tank Engine train.  (He's the cheeky one.)  I need to find some balance and organization in this work-from-home house with two self-employed writers who travel for business often and are raising a very fast and chatty two year old.  Because I sure don't have any semblance of balance now.  How is it possible that I can stare at the computer screen for an hour without writing a single productive word, and yet I can see more than my fair share of .gifs of cats playing Jenga?  How scattered are my brain cells, and how do I corral them and trick them into doing something useful?

With the start of 2013 just a few hours away, I'm ready to find out what exactly is lurking on my kitchen table. I'm looking forward to spending more time with my family this year.  I'm excited to grow my business.  And I will continue to focus on maintaining my health. 

All of this, of course, after I watch this amazing reindeer .gif one more time.

A happy and safe new year to you!

Happy and healthy new year to you!



I sure hope you'll share your secrets when you figure it all out! Happy 2013!

I may not be a work from home mom.. but dang 2012 got hectic and chaotic. I will be joining you in trying to find balance.

When I see that happening; I take myself back to the empty table and the complete organization I had -----when I was looking for work and my life was not busy. It cures me of my concern over clutter instantly. Happy New Year Kerri---to you and yours.

Kerri I'm unsure on how to offer you balance as it's something I've struggled with for years. I'm 43, sitting a diploma in engineering, have a three year old with T1, and another on the way. If you do happen to find any please forward on :) Happy new year to the family x

Though it takes some time to read, one of my profs [who, as a side note, is a T1 PWD as of August '11]--Jay M. Greenfeld--wrote a resource called "My Choice - My Life: Realizing your ability to create balance in life." which I highly recommend. :]

All the best to you, Chris and Birdy in 2013!

Kerri, I have been looking for a one word "resolution" and I couldn't find the right one, but this is it. Thank you for this post. With getting married in 2013, growing a business, building a better blog, and creating a few more, my work/life balance is totally out of whack and I need to get it under control. Wish you the best in balancing.

Please go rescue, Percy, that poor engine from the kitchen table clutter!

" Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right"
Oprah Winfrey
Happy New Year, all !!!

I second Scott's comment; word.

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