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WHOOSH - Bullets.

No sleep = scattered thoughts.  And bullets, even though I've never even held a gun, never mind firing one.  /digression
  • Birdface has a cold.  No big deal, but it makes her cough a bit. Mostly at night. And mostly towards the baby monitor, which has a direct connection with my brain, which means I'm awake all night long.
  • This lack of sleep for the last two nights is making for some interesting dreams.
  • Like the one I had this morning that I was pinned between two giant Dexcom transmitters in an elevator.  But it wasn't about being pinned between two transmitters, but more like the transmitters were rude people who were smushing against me in the elevator. Not the most comfortable ride, even in a dream-like state.
  • Probably prompted by the fact that, after 36 hrs of ???, I ripped the latest sensor off last night. Trying again this morning.  
  • Tempted to do an arm in efforts to avoid being ???'d while running.  Maybe it will make me look more muscular, like that one section of my tricep is just jacked and in a slightly-sloped rectangular shape?
  • (Just came downstairs from "installing" a new sensor on the back of my right arm. I tried to do it myself, but needed to call on Chris to aid me in my awkwardness. Here's hoping the new location generates fewer questions.)
  • Daniel Tiger's "ugga mugga" is a phrase that gets stuck in my head and I can't shake it, to the point where I want to say it when I sign off from conference calls.
  • Today, Birdy and I are baking cookies with my mom and my aunt.  I'm already mentally pre-bolusing for all of those little red, cinnamon candies that will no doubt end up in my mouth.
  • I am also enjoying Birdy's response to, "Hey, are you ready to get dressed?"  "NO!" and then she runs away with her arms over her head, much like E.T.
  • Looking forward to working out tonight.
  • Yes, I'm also very surprised by that statement.  I think running and letting my brain go blank for an hour is the best thing I've done for myself lately.
  • Maybe I'll run with my arms over my head, much like E.T.  Birdy may be onto something there.
  • Closing the laptop down is also a good thing.  I've spent some time away from the Internet lately, and it's been nice.  Makes me appreciate the resources and support found here, especially when I step back from it for a second or two.
  • And then opening it back up and seeing that the support is there when I need it ... that feels really good.  It's nice to know you don't have to be connected to the Internet 24/7 in order to be part of a bigger community. 
  • And to that end, it's cookie time.  Maybe we'll bake up some ninjabread cookies again this year.


I really enjoyed your ??? post! Wouldn't you like to have been in the writer's room when they came up with that line? "Let's just put 3 question marks, to indicate What? The? Eff?"

Speaking of cookie time--do you know about the Cookie Smackdown? http://kidoinfo.com/ri/the-spectacular-cookie-smackdown-at-fete-music-on-sunday-december-9th/

I am tempted, repulsed yet drawn, terrified.

when you do the sensor in your arm...squeeze the little thingies on the sensor plastic part and slide up next to a countertop and drag the inserter up under the edge of the countertop and it will fall off (gotta keep squeezing). This kitchen-ballet isn't pretty, but I can insert my own sensors in my own upper arm because of it! LOL

Hope you get a good night's sleep soon...or, you know, sometime in the next decade ;)

Speaking of guns and bullets -- I JUST posted about that stuff yesterday!!!

I visited Alesia's blog after seeing her URL listed in your comments yesterday. She has an interesting method for removing the inserter.

Hope you get some sleep soon. It must be in the air. I've also been lacking good sleep lately.

I ripped my sensor out last night. Terrible itch/rash. Luckily I caught the rash before it got too bad.

I also like that treadmill banging. It just helps!

Hilarity at it's finest. I think in honor of your sleepless nights, and Birdy's cold, we should all run around like ET with our arms above our heads. I'm game! ;)

Love me some Ninjabread cookies.

Love the Ninjabread cookies.
Sorry for all the ???. So far...Dexi has been pretty kind to us. (new mail order pharm not so much). Daniel tiger?? I've always wanted him to come and live at my house. The Daniel from Mr. Rogers? Glad there are some that still watch him. (yes, I'm old...)
You are brave for stepping away from here occasionally. :-) Hope Birdy feels better soon and you can get some rest. No fun running (pun NOT intended) on empty.

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