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Avocado Overload.

I hate cooking and I am terrible at it and anyone who tries to sell me the whole, "But anyone can cook!" has clearly never seen me get mad at a frying pan for simply existing.   But the trouble is, being human, I tend to get hungry several times a day.  Which means I have to deal with food things.


Thankfully, I've found some very easy (both to make and easy-on-my-blood sugars) food wrangling opportunities to keep me from existing solely on coffee and mental trail mix.

I wish I lived inside of an avocado, like James managed with that giant peach of his.

You need:

Trader Joe's Just Grilled Chicken Strips
One avocado
Raw baby spinach
Olive oil

  • Preheat the frying pan.  (Do you preheat a frying pan?  Or do you just heat it up?  Whatever the case:  make it hot.)
  • Toss in some olive oil.
  • Once the pan is hot (I cook on medium-low), throw some chicken in.  Let it cook.  Flip it over with a wooden spatula (or, if you're an idiot like me, use a fork and end up with hot olive oil splattered on your wrist).
  • Slice the avocado.  I usually take a paring knife and cut pieces off until I hit the seed, at which time I throw the seed into the hedges in our backyard, hoping that eventually we'll have 53 avocado trees springing up in our Rhode Island soil.  (I realize this is probably not going to happen, and most likely the seeds are being stolen by our resident hedgehog.) 
  • Once everything is cooked to your preference, toss some baby spinach in there for a few seconds, then shuttle the whole mess into a bowl.
  • Eat with your face.

The impact on my blood sugars is minimal, at best, and it's gluten-free, low-carb, and other blah blah.  It isn't hard to make, and it doesn't require a lot of prep work or anger at the aforementioned frying pan. 

It tastes nice; that's my focus.

Next installment of Kerri's Desperate Kitchen coming soon! Watch out ... we may make ICE WATER with a BENDY STRAW.


Nom! This was posted at the perfect time as my blog today is about how easy it is too cook ;-) Don't hate me!

I love this! If you want/need easy dFriendly recipe/cooking advice, email me any time!! I love to cook, and I'm compiling recipes, mostly using for coaching, but also on my blog and such! :-)

I can't decide what's more awesome.... the fact that you have hilarious "cooking" directions or the fact that you have a resident hedgehog. :D

Be prepared, for I once upon a time struggled with cutting avocados, and then I found this YouTube video:


Mind, blown.

That sounds delicious! I need to try it.

I actually like cooking, but was reminded over Christmas that I cook like a hobbit--I like to make decidedly NOT low carb comfort foods. I like making things such as mashed potatoes and biscuits and cookies. I have sisters who could live off salad and yet I'm the one who ends up with diabetes. Irony.

Best recipe instruction ever:

"Eat with your face."

That looks very tasty.
Thanks for giving explicit instructions. Very easy to follow. :)

That looks perfect, actually. What's really funny is I came here immediately after reading Smitten Kitchen, and the contrast in...foodblogging? is refreshing and hilarious.

I need more recipes like this. I HATE cooking mostly because I don't make the time to do it. If anyone has suggestions to find EASY, healthy recipes like this I would appreciate it (preferably ones that don't require too much chopping/dicing/etc...I hate chopping)

Wow, a recipe post that I really enjoyed! (Usually, I just gloss over them because I know I'll never make the effort).

It brought back a memory. My grandmother used to keep an avocado pit in a glass, elevated from the bottom with toothpicks and half covered with water, on the windowsill of her kitchen. Eventually they would sprout. I don't know what she did after that, though, because I don't remember her ever having homegrown avocados.

Even though nothing would be more awesome than being able to toss the avocado pit outside and just have it grow, avocado trees are actually pretty easy to grow from the pit if you start indoors.


My dinner tonight is now planned..........thanks Kerri.

three cheers to living in S. Cal. , where everyone has a mango and avacado tree growing in their yard (or at least in the neighbor's yard next door)

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