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Back It Up.

(Title sounds more like a rappy-type song than I had intended, but I promise, this is safe for work.)

It's 9 am - do you know what your pump settings are?

I'm diligent about backing up my laptop and all of the silly content therein, and I religiously take the little, red external hard drive and make sure my computers are backed up.

Backing up the computer while hanging out on the United States floor map.

But I'm far less fastidious about backing up other important things in my life, like my insulin pump settings.  While I never anticipate an insulin pump malfunction (stealing verbiage from the airline flight attendants who make me squirm while they explain the oxygen masks on planes), in the event that my pump craps out, I'd be lost as to guesstimating what my insulin settings are.  I know I have some fluctuations in my basal rates throughout the day, but if asked to recall those settings on a whim, I'm lost.

So this morning, while I backed up my computer, I also took quick note of my insulin pump settings.  They're now logged as a note in my phone, along with my MDI preferences, as I never remember how much Levemir I take and when during those pump vacations.  (I'm safe now, unless I lose my phone, which is something I never back up, which now that I've typed this, I'm certain to drop my phone into a storm drain, where an alligator will make international calls until I'm broke.  Stupid alligators in the sewers.)


I'm backing those pump settings up today. Great idea. We have to store settings for 2 pumps. However, I will not store on my phone. I might drop in a sewer. Lol. Thanks for posting this.

I often snap photos of all my settings and keep them in my phone photo reel, which of course I also must backup. But it's quick and painless. Because writing with pen and paper is apparently too much for my feeble brain. And my son would just eat the paper anyway.

Kerri- Since you use Diasend, another way to get your detailed pump settings is to go into Diasend/Insulin Tab/Pump Settings. You can save it as a PDF, email it to yourself, and download it to your various devices. Or I suppose just remember that Diasend is a resource if you need your detailed pump settings and you have access to the Internet. Of course this is only helpful if you've recently downloaded your pump....

I upload my meters and pump to the Diasend site. It records and stores all the pump settings with each upload.
Best of all, it lives in the cloud, so even if my pump, PC and external HDD all die at the same time (yikes!), I can still recover them.

I take pics of my pump settings with my Iphone and then email them to myself. In an emergency I have the phone pics and a back up in my email (please note it took me years and years to think to do this).

I'm not sure how you work with Animas, but with my Minimed pump all of my settings are stored on their Carelink program every time I download my pump/sensor. This has happened to me more than once where I just called customer service (if a computer wasn't handy) and they can log into my account and read all of my settings off to me. Only problem is if you've made changes since your last download, but the "old" settings can at least give you a starting point. Maybe your Diasend program does that too?

A week or two ago, I was attempting to upload the data from my PDM and got a horrible error that resulted in my PDM having to be completely reset. Did I say completely? I lost every single setting and piece of information I had on there. Thank goodness I keep my insulin settings (at least) on file otherwise I would have been screwed to the max!! This is an important thing every pumper needs to do!!!

I actually have a hard cover journal that I keep everything written in. Each endo appointment I write up a new page with any changes. Throughout the next three months, if I do any changes, I write them in on that same page so I can remember what I did. This way I'm covered if I have a pump failure (heaven forbid) and so I can go back and see the changes that were done and know what did or didn't work.

Depending on what kind of phone you have, and what kind of notes program you are using, it is possible that your phone is being backed up already. It is also possible that if it isn't happening automatically, it will be very easy to set up. A quick visit to your local wireless store should be sufficient. If a trip is not convenient, you might even be able to set it up with customer service over the phone.

I know I have something valid to say here about backing up pump settings. Seriously, I do... But all I can think of right now is ANOTHER band name: The Sewer Gators, with their debut hit "Phoning the Swamps Down Under (a.k.a. On Kerri's Dime)"

I keep my info in an email that I send to myself, my mom and my bestie :) Someone's going to have it when I need it!

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