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Fake Food.

"Here is an orange and a clementine and here is an avocado and some cheese and spinach and a banana and oh, here's a strawberry - two strawberries! - and some gwapes and a potato, some eggies, a carrot nose, and if you want to have a pear I have a pear right here." 


Birdy verbally rips through her little shopping basket of fake food, offering up her stash of delicious plastic pieces.

"And if your blood sugar is low, you can have glupose tabs or some of that gwape juice." She furrowed her brow thoughtfully.  "Or a croissant.  But not this one, because it's just PWETEND and it won't help you feel better."

She's learning.  The curve is steep, and lined with plastic food, but she's learning.


I love your kid, her evident compassion and her brain :].

And toy food.

How cute! And also kinda scary how intuitive they are about our diabetes. Last night we were eating dinner and after a few minutes in, Alex said,, "Mommy!! You didn't check your blood sugar!" I assured him I had... He said, "But I didn't see your blood, or write in your book?" I said, "I did it before you came to the table." he said, "But I didn't hear you ask daddy to do the math for you?" Haha-- he's also apparently picked up that I'm not so good with math/counting carbs. (he's four)

does she have any pwastic glucose tabs?

A huge, real LYMI for Birdie (and family)

your little tyke is smart !
I should include those fake items in my menu, I would think they would be low in carbs, although a little hard to chew

"a carrot nose" ...too stinkin' cute!!

Seriously adorable! My 2.5 year old daughter is also catching on with her brother's T1D (he's 5). She want to do a "sugar check" too :)

Even I think that's super cute. Here's hoping she won't have a reason to think about that stuff someday.

Pwastic Glupose tabs taste a lot better than the real ones, I'm sure. (GlucoLift excluded)

Seriously, Kerri, your kid is awesome. Loved this. And now... I think I need to stock my house with some plastic food. Just to make myself laugh and think of this post. And, you know, to confuse myself when Low. (sidenote: Do they make plastic coffee?? - oh, man!)

love this! so cute

So sweet. She's a bright one:)

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