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In the Trenches.

What was different about yesterday?

Oh.  Hey.  You suck.

At first, I thought the Dexcom sensor was quitting.  It was Day 8 of this sensor, but even though the adhesive was hanging on by a thread the day prior, the results were so matchy-matchy with my glucose meter that I was reluctant to pull the sensor.  (That, and it didn't itch at all, so if it was spot-on and not giving me leg leprosy, I was all in.)  I slapped on some Opsite Flexifix tape around the edges, in hopes of grabbing a few more days.

"GIVE ME YOUR BLOOD" the receiver shouted (or offered up the little blood droplet equivalent of that demand).  It wanted to be calibrated way more often than normal, so I figured the sensor was finally quitting.

Only every time I tested, it was right:  I was low.  Again.  Repeatedly. 

WHY?  I'm not sick.  I didn't eat something strange and new.  I didn't push through some foreign and difficult workout.  The infusion set wasn't new.  I'm not pregnant.  (Repeat:  I am not pregnant.)  I wasn't stressed.  I didn't treat that first low at 7 am with a bowl of Rolos and then a massive bolus.  Nothing was different about yesterday that should have warranted this series of hypoglycemic events.  Yet there were five of them throughout my sensor's "last stand." 

The sensor yawned off my leg last night, and I made the rotten decision to put a new one on this morning.  Which, of course means that I was 47 mg/dL at 3 am.  (My poor liver, even with a shock of carbs, couldn't rebound me out of that one.  And yes, I had an alarm set for 2:30 am, based on the history of lows I had that day.  And yes, I slept through it.  Yes, I'm pissed off about this.)

The definition of diabetes is doing the same thing over and over again and getting wildly different, and sometimes frustrating, results. 

But the definition of a person with diabetes is someone who keeps trying, despite the ironic insanity.


arg. I am frustrated for you! Here's to a better today.

Wow, my night last night was pretty much the same as yours followed by a low after breakfast today. It was the same breakfast I had the day before that landed me at 110.


Frustrating indeed! I had a day like that early this week, not matter what I ate etc I kept going low. Makes you feel like garbage!

I think my worst series of lows was last year in April, when I had bronchitis (again). In four days, I had so many lows that I actually got sick of juice. Can you imagine? Low instead of high when you're sick??? My endo thought it was fine, but I thought it was beyond weird.

And since I don't have a Dexcom and don't feel my lows, I must've tested 100 times in those four days, waiting for more lows and making sure I came up from the ones I caught. Oh, what fun!

Must be something in the air. I had the same on Sunday night and have felt exhausted all week.

I often sleep through alarms. The only way I KNOW I'll get up is if my poor husband sets his!

Hope it picks up soon. Literally.

I like what happens when you roll the mouse over the graph line. Hilarious!!

I always feel "in the trenches" with D, because do we really ever get out? It is relentless insanity.

I figure if I have a run of lows like that and there is no other clear culprit, I probably am sick and just not having other symptoms. Most people catch lots of viruses every year and some of them don't give them any symptoms (we know they catch 'em because they make antibodies to 'em).
So I would conclude you do have a bug, you just didn't know it.

i blame george bush.

I've been turning stuff down since the holidays. When I do, it still runs low, I'm waiting to go a click too far and have things blow up but so far, it seems to be working out that way. I hope I don't alarm the doctor too much when I see her soon.

Can I just say that my screen looks almost identical for the past 24 hours? Must have been a nationwide blitz on blood sugar that hit here in Cincinnati too. And I love your definition of the diabetic at the end....yep, that's us. Ironic insanity indeed.

I like the defition of diabetes and the definition of a person with diabetes.
The last two days have been insane for me, however, I have been exercising regualarly and watching my diet.As a result I am using less insulin. I ate some junk food on friday and cannot keep my blood from going high.and need to up my basal and bolus again.I love your blog and I'm glad to know I am not the only one who goes through this type of thing. I have a dexcom as well, and it has helped tremedously.

Love your definition of diabetes. That needs to go on a coffee cup. Seriously.

my 10 year old has a CGM to try this week to see if he wants one and his first 24 hours on it looked like this.. I couldn't keep him up :) Good luck and thanks for bringing me many smiles as I help him navigate this world of D

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

Diabetes seems to be the only exception to this rule.

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