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Nasty Diabetes Trickery.

That moment when you realize that you are traveling for the weekend and you only have one tube of glucose tabs to your name.  

And the same moment when you realize you're disgusting for having a tube that's dotted with your DNA.  (At least I can confirm that I tested before treating.)

Grost Part Deux.

Oh diabetes … you nasty.


Ooooooooo dassssnasty! ;)

I find smudges like that in the most random places sometimes. The worst is when you have a bleeder that you think has stopped until you see those smudges. :)

Kerri, there's a Walmart across from the hotel. You will also be with 300 other diabetics, so we gots your butt if you run out of tabs! LOL
Can't wait to visit with you!


How about a whole nas-tay post where you ask for our d-nastiest stories? I have a few (dozen).

*looks at own GTab tube *licks finger *uses said finger to clean top of tube.... *feels much better about newly "sanitized" tube....

I hate when other people notice my DNA before I do.

Since you're in my area I would gladly bring you more tubes of tabs! I can't wait to hear you speak this weekend!

At least it's YOUR DNA!

I know it's meant to be satirical, but 'disgusting' you and my girl are NEVER! The rest of us non-T1d's but are T3d's listen and learn and are humbled by you.

... I recall a CDE once telling me that the ceiling of her apartment is blood spattered, since she has so many newly-diagnosed T1's that she is training in the art of the fingerstick for BG testing. Yes, NASTY. Nasty disease, and nasty DNA evidence of it. My pet peeve is when I realize I have bled onto the outside of an envelope I have just sealed, containing a card or personal letter!

What about the times you only realize your finger is STILL bleeding because it's sticking to the finger beside it, which is also covered in blood and it looks like there's been a massacre of fingers or something?

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've found smudges on my mouse trackpad or my lancing device or the exam I just handed in or...well, at least my laptop keys are black!

Years ago I had a trickle of blood running down my finger and no tissue at hand. I’ve seen people lick it off but I never do. I asked co-worker for a tissue and he said “don’t have any, lick it”. I said I couldn’t lick it because I’m a vegetarian. He then said that I probably could lick it since if it was coming out of me it was probably only carrot juice.

I don’t think I’ve ever bled on my mail but I have spilled coffee, tea, soup on signed documents many times. I tell people that food stains on my paperwork are almost like a notary stamp.

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