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The Friday Six: New Year, New Ewe Edition.

Fine.  It's more than six.  Also, I'm terrible at counting.  See also:  carbs.Lots of links to share this morning, as I wipe snot from the Bird's nose and sleep from my eyes.  (Actually, that's a super gross concept, wiping sleep from your eyes.  Does that mean "sleep" is that film of eye geeb that builds up sometimes?  If so, sleep is nasty.  But I still wish I did it more.) 

Link time:


I like all of the pictures of the felt pancreas in seductive poses. Rowr! (or...drip?!?)

I only knew about Drop Cap from reading that drooly wedding invitation.

Thanks so much for including VIAL Project, Kerri :)


Thanks, Kerri, I appreciate the mention.

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