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Blue Friday.

Rocking a little CWD Blue Friday action for my birthday.  And spending the rest of the day making bread-and-milk soup for today's blizzard.  (Also known as French toast.  Also-also known as a little bit ridiculous, but this snowstorm is shaping up to be a massive one, so maybe the panic is warranted this time around.)

Blue Fridays for my birthday. :)

Happy snow day!  Keep yourself warm, and your insulin cool.


Happy Birthday Kerri!!!

Happy Birthday, Kerri !
enjoy the storm !!!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday matey!

A very Happy Birthday to you. Hope Nemo doesn't leave any unwanted presents for ya! (I'm getting hit with it too)

Happy Birthday Keri.

Have a wonderful warm and cozy birthday Kerri.

Happy Birthday, Kerri

Happy Birthday! Stay safe!

Happy Belated Birthday!

Happy Belated Birthday Mom! (Just got internet in my apartment today)

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