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Diabetes Art Day: Humalog Lights.

Today is Diabetes Art Day, 2013 edition!  To check out the art that's being created and submitted to the Diabetes Art Day website, click on the link and spin through the 2013 gallery.  There's already some fun stuff up there.

For my arty attempt, I used insulin bottles as my "medium."  Someone had mentioned you could make Christmas lights out of empty insulin bottles, so i wanted to take a stab at it.  (Hang on ... there are even more horrible phrasing moments coming.)

The beginning of this hand-cramping mess.

All I needed:

  • Empty insulin bottles
  • A good, long screw
  • Christmas lights
  • Patience

Okay, so first off, you need to drain all the insulin from the bottle.  I've been collecting these bottles for the last few months, so I had some spares that I had injected every last unit of.  

To get the white rubber stopper out of the bottle without ruining the cap, insert the sharp end of a two inch long screw into the bottle stopper and push it through.  Then, as you pull it back out, the stopped will start to pull through the top of the bottle.  You'll need to grab the stopper with your fingers and shimmy it out, which sounds nice and easy, but it made my fingers cramp.  Those stoppers are slippery!

Once the rubber stoppers are out, you shove the light bulb into the top of the bottle and then display as you see fit.  I saw fit to stick them on this big metal tree thing we have on one of our walls.  They look festive, in that "your pancreas is busted" sort of way.

Happy Diabetes Art Day!!

Viola!  (Pronounced "vee-ooh-hahn-geespee.")  You have insulin bottle lights.  Which means your holidays may smell like bandaids now.  

Happy Diabetes Art Day, and thanks to Lee Ann for creating something even the most un-arty of us (read: me) can enjoy. 


They look awesome! And I love the bandaid comment...though I've never noticed a bandaid smell quite as badly as insulin.

Nice!! You know, there are rumored to be people in this world that still have their Christmas Trees up (looks around, bewildered to hear such a thing), and this is something that they SO NEED TO DO RIGHT NOW. Our tree... I mean, their tree... will look glorious as it stays up for the year and rotates decorations based on the season. Great art, Kerri!!

Great - now all we need is pine-scented insulin... : )

They look beautiful :-)

And as for the phrasing moments, "A good, long screw," wins hands down!

D light ful !

I agree with k2. ;-)

A good long screw always wins. :)

My husband has Type 1 and we talk about the bandaid smell ALL the time!

I am so happy to hear someone else say that insulin smells like BANDAIDS! I make this observation regularly and NO ONE ever agrees with me. Diabetics and 'regulars' alike. I've even invited people to smell my infusion site. I don't get many takers on that one...

I was hoping you'd do this.

Those are brilliant!

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