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Friday Six: A Smattering.

The Friday Six ... only it's a lot more than six.(I realize there's a lot more than six items here.  I can't count properly, though, so "a smattering" covers it well enough.)

Chuck Norris turns 73 years old this month, and the .gif of him kicking the meteor made my day.  Oh, I remember the days when Splenda sales were up because Chuck Norris has no Equal.

I have already downloaded these, because they are awesome.  Because mockwotation marks need to on the slate of options.

Insulindependence will be hosting the next North American Conference on Diabetes and Exercise in San Diego, California, on August 16-18, 2013. This sounds awesome. I'm so going.

As someone who is responsible for raising a strong, empowered daughter, I love this.  And I never knew her name was Pauline.

This Hemoglobin A1C Educational Kit is up for competition at New York's Next Top Makers.  According to the site, "It can provide patients and healthcare professionals with a visual metaphor to better understand A1C test scores, as well as help patients/educators set new A1C goals to achieve during their next A1C blood test."  I'm for that.

Christel is back, and with a verbose vengeance.  (I couldn't be happier about the return of my extended family to the blogosphere.)  Check out The Perfect D.

I have always wanted to drink from my camera lens, versus drinking in through it.

My good friend Ben Miller is guest posting at TedMED about stress.  WHAT DOES HE MEAN BY STRESS?!

There's a discussion about diabulimia over at Jezebel, which is not where I expected to see this kind of discussion, making it even better.

Talking about all the different adjectives that can be used to describe good ol' diabetes, over at Animas.

And about staying at the center of our healthcare, as patients with diabetes, in the most recent issue of diaTribe.

And this weekend, the RI branch of the JDRF is holding their second annual Diabetes Expo.  Ironman Triathlete Jay Hewitt will be delivering an excellent keynote, I'll be presenting with fellow PWD and endocrine fellow Shara Bailo, and diabetes innovators like Jerry the Bear's family and GlucoLift will be in attendance, among all sorts of other activities.  If you're Rhody-local, check it out!


I was just spying the travel style mug in my email this morning... http://www.eversave.com/chicago/epacific-mall-4

Very cool. Looking forward to hearing more about the Expo! Oh, and how cool is it that my diaversary on March 10 is the same day that we mark the anniversary of Chuck Norris being born... wicked cool, if I say so myself!

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