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Not Subtle.

New running tights +  Dexcom G4 sensor = holy bulge in my pants.

This Dexcom sensor is more accurate, the range is way better, but the higher transmitter profile still works me over a bit.  Thankfully, I'm so graceful that I never knock it against it door jams.  Nope.  Never.  Always graceful.


I was just thinking the same thing this morning about the little bugger showing itself through my work pants! Nice to know I'm not alone. And yes, no knocking it against doors and drawers...not at all... definitely not twice this morning!

Is that a transmitter in your pocket or.... OK, NEVER MIND.
But it's very cool this transmitter doesn't knock into door jams!

I tried the upper thighs...didn't get good readings..
(lucky me...no fat there :[)
Then I went back to my stomach...but I tried the Iron Man approach...lol...a few inches above the belly button..close to the meeting of the ribs.
I never realized how many times a day I cross my arms...LOL.
I am moving back to the sides of my belly now.
Thank this website for turning me on to Opsite! Works like a charm!

You are the most graceful person I have ever met! Honest! :-)

I walloped a fellow squaredancer with my G4 transmitter (in my arm) last night and he yelled! I yelled too.....that booger hurts when it gets hit that hard. So much for gracefulness :-D

The size of this stupid transmitter irritates me on a weekly basis at least! Why does it always have to be two steps forward, one step back? Ugh. I would almost rather carry around a larger device just to have a smaller thing on my person. I don't really NEED any more lumps. Just sayin'.
Thanks for letting me vent. :)

That's why I wear mine on my arm....out of my way, gets less dirty after 14 days, and it's not so obvious. Would that work for you?

Ha! I can almost read the "DexcomG4" on there! Guess I see it often enough that my brain associates that shape with what's written on it. To quote Dick VanDyke (as Burt in Mary Poppins) ,"I'd know that sill-i-o-ette anywhere!"

I'm often reminded of "The African Queen". Specifically the scene with the leeches. ew! I'm still sporting the "old style", however.

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